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               GOD LOVES EVERYBODY

Due to the circumstances Negroes/Israel are faced with today in matters dealing with Caucasians, I AM is extremely discontent with Caucasians which you call Edomites however, if an individual / Edomite turn to YeshaYah for salvation He will in nowise turn an Edomite away. Edomites have the same opportunity as anyone else of receiving salvation. Esau chose food which represent self gratification over the spiritual inheritance of I AM. This act has brought the disdain and hatred of I AM on all the descendants of Esau. However, when an Edomite repent and turn to Jesus/Yeshayah the sins of this individual is pardoned and they become one with the Nation/Family of Israel/Negroes. 

Please be advised: I do not believe that Caucasians are Edomites, Caucasians are Gentiles descended from Noah's son Japheth. Edomites decended from Noah's son Shem. I am only

However it is clear that you brought this statement up to try to show error in the teachings of spiritual Hebrew Israelites that are nicknamed Christians. You and many other Hebrew Israelites have this major war going on within yourselves about Hebrew spiritual Israelites that are called Christians.

I pray that your eyes become opened before it is too late and you find out that you have been persecuting YeshaYah and He sentence you to the torments of Hell that you do not believe exist. Hebrew Israelites that are nicknamed Christians speak of the loving kindness of I AM that most Hebrew Israelites knows nothing about because they refuse to enter into a New Covenant relationship with I AM as He requires. We rather sat around trying to keep the Law, criticizing and trying to find fault in the teachings and lifestyle of others who has the Laws of I AM written upon their heart.

YeshaYah said, Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify I AM. How many people praise I AM because of the good works that Hebrew Israelites produce? How many people around the World praise I AM because of the good works that Christians produce? Brother quit fighting YeshaYah. When you are fighting real Christians you are fighting YeshaYah. You cannot win! You are fighting a losing battle. There is only destruction awaiting you.

Greetings to you my fellow Hebrew Israelite Brother,

It is my hope that you would labor to completely read all that I have written no matter how contrary my writing may be to you even as I struggled and suffered to read all that you have written that I know to be completely contrary to I AM, his Word and his People.

First and foremost, I would like to commend you on your work in the revelation of who the True Hebrew Israelites are. I feel you have done an excellent job in that area of your work in letting your readers know who the  true  Hebrew Israelites, the chosen people of I AM are. I would have surely recommended your work and website to the World however, there are some serious flaws in other areas of your teachings that would definitely hinder the Saints of I AM in their walk as seekers or followers of Yeshayah/Jesus.

I am going to respond to some of the statements made on your website. However, some of the erroneous statements you made are too ridiculous to warrant a reply. If, you were to humble yourself and sincerely seek answers instead of arrogantly acting as if you know it all, I would gladly submit a response to you.


King David​

                                     WHERE IS THE WISDOM ?

My Hebrew Israelite brothers are running away the same people we are called to bring back into the fold because we refuse to humble ourselves and operate in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Next!

We cannot save someone if we are not saved. Let us allow I AM to remove our calloused heart before we try to change someone else's heart. Unless we humble ourselves we will never see the Promised Land which is the restored Kingdom of David, because no one will tolerate arrogant, ignorant people trying to teach or lead them. WHERE IS THE WISDOM? 

We, the Hebrew Israelites are the majority of people that has not experienced the New Covenant of Circumcision of the Heart that I AM want to establish with us, therefore, we can't understand what Christians are trying to convey to us.  What real Christians are trying to tell us is what YeshaYah said to His disciples,  in Matthew 22:36-40 (KJV)

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

    37 Jesus said unto Him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

    38 This is the first and great commandment.

    39  And the second is like unto it, thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

    40 On these two commandments hang ALL the law and the prophets.

Because a true Christian operate on these principle, they are obeying the law. Again the only Law you may catch a true Christian breaking sometimes is the Sabbath law of not resting. As a matter of fact, most Hebrew Israelite break the Sabbath law by not resting on the Sabbath. True Christians keep the Law, they just do not know that they are keeping the Law because I AM has written His laws upon their heart so they automatically obey the Law.

Don't you hear Christians say we don't need to keep the Law? And they do not know how to explain what I AM has done for them. Don't you always hear them say, "I can't explain it? But, All they have to say is, The Law of I AM written on my heart keep me from disobeying the Law. Oh, HalleluYah!!!

You call it deception, so are you trying to say that Christians are trying to deceive or are the Christian deceived? Let me tell you this, True Christians do not seek to deceive people. Counterfeit Christians like counterfeit Jews, Satan, his followers and demons seek to deceive. Christians and anyone else are deceived if they think that I AM has cast the whole House of Hebrew Israelites away PERMANENTLY. The Apostle Paul make that perfectly clear that I AM had cast us away but it was just so that those Gentile/Caucasians that are nicknamed Christian can come into the Fold of the Hebrew Israelite family. Now read further in Romans 11:15

Yes I AM cast us (Negroes) away but not permanently. I AM kept a remnant but not the majority of Hebrews Israelites in the fold. It was just until the season of the Gentiles/Caucasians end. The season when I AM would give Gentiles an opportunity to come into the fold and handle the Gospel of the Kingdom. Romans 11:15

I say then, Hath God cast away all his (Negro) people? God forbid, For I also am an Israelite/Negro, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. Romans 11:1

I AM did not cast away all his people which he foreknew. You do not know what the scriptures says of Elias? how he made intercession to I AM. Romans 11:2

If the casting away of some of them/Negroes be the reconciling of the World, what shall the receiving of all of them/Negroes be, but life from the dead.
Romans 11:15

So vs. 11: 15 of Romans suggest that I AM cast most Negroes/Israelites away, but, not all, He is about to bring the Whole House of Israel back into the Fold along with the engrafted Gentiles/Caucasians and other that have believed on YeshaYah.  

Also see:
Vs. 7-10 Which shows why we the Hebrew Israelites talk such foolish talk about the word:

7 What then? Israel/Negroes FAILED to obtain what it was seeking. The elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened,

8 As it is written, "God gave them/Negroes a spirit of stupor, eyes that would not see and ears that would not hear, down to this very day."

9 David says,  "Let their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution for them; 

10 "Let their eyes be darkened so that they can not see, and bend their backs forever.”

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwell in you? 
1 Corinthians 3:16

You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of I AM, and the Holy Spirit himself is present in you? No one will get by with vandalizing I AM’s temple, you can be sure of that. I AM’s temple is sacred—and you, remember, are the temple. 
I Corinthians 6:16-17 MSG

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of  I AM which is in you, which ye have of I AM, and ye are not your own?
1 Corinthians 6:19 KJV

YeshaYah answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. John 2:19

Howbeit the Most High dwell not in temples made with hands; as said the prophet. Acts 7:48

 I AM that made the World and all things therein seeing that He is Lord (Owner) of Heaven and Earth , dwell not in temples made with hands. Acts 17:24

The outward manifestation of this is that the person no longer want to sin as he use to because the laws of I AM are now written on their Heart. The Spirit of I AM which now reside in the person lets the person know that they are now a child of I AM and are no longer a child of the devil. Therein is the New Covenant (Born Again experience) manifest in the person. I AM write His laws upon the New heart which is from his heart and has a righteous nature and desires which causes the recipient to automatically obey the Commandments of I AM.

Partial response to Obadiyah Ysrayl mis-assertions

Message To ALL Israelite Christians 

Deception #2

 Christianity is not from the Bible 

Deception # 4



Deception #6

Lord and Personal Savior

There has been a recent escalation of attacks against Yeshayah/Jesus people the Church, Christians and Christianity by our brothers and organization within the Hebrew Israelite Nation. I want to address those issues with the intent to dispel the myths, and come against  foolish accusations and assertions made by those who presume to present themselves as wise less they continue to be revealed to the contrary as fools.

First, I want to say to the house of Israel, Stop the infighting! Let us not grieve the precious Holy Spirit of I AM our God with our foolish speech. Let us clearly understand, when we speak against Jesus, the Church, Christians and Christianity we are speaking against YeshaYah. 

Know this for certain, everyone that claim to be Christians are not Christians. The Fake Jews claim to be Hebrews so are we going to condemn all Hebrew Israelites?

I know this one thing, YouTube will not remove hate speech against Christians or Jesus because YouTube is also controlled by Satan's illuminati and the fake Jews. YouTube love it when you speak against Christians, Christianity and Jesus. 

Satan know that Jesus and YeshaYah is the same person. Satan wants us to Blaspheme the name of Jesus. YeshaYah is concerned with one thing, and that is, you call upon the person of the Son of The Creator of Heaven and Earth. YeshaYah knows that the enemy has perverted matters dealing with His name, the Church, Christians and Christianity. YeshaYah knows that the enemy has twisted some words and names around to the point that sometimes it is difficult to know what is right. But, YeshaYah knows this also, I AM is the Creator of all things and nothing can stop a person from coming to Him that he want to come to him. Let I AM be God and let us do our job to worship, praise I AM, find, then gather the Hebrew Israelite Nation together as one Nation prepared to move on the next marching orders of I AM to return back into the Promised Land of Israel.

Brother, brother, Brother, you lack so much understanding that it is absolutely ridiculous. I do not say this to shame you but that you may know that the problem is just what it is. Your lack of understanding is incredible. You used three old testament saints to present your argument concerning salvation. I would only pray that you and I would become very acquainted for a season. That the knowledge of the ability of I AM would roll off of me onto you. That the mind of your understanding would be open.

When a person say you need to be saved, they are talking about being Born Again. Now you know that the phrase, "Born Again," was not mentioned until Yeshua our Messiah mentioned it to Nicodemus. It was Yahshua who said, "You must be Born Again not Gentile/Caucasians who are called Christians. Who will you obey? You say you obey the Commandments? That is a commandment from Yahshua. Will you obey that direct order, it's a LAW.

YeshaYah/Jesus answered and said unto him, verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be Born Again, he cannot see the Kingdom of I AM.
John 3:3 KJV

What the person you were responding to is saying is, now that Yahshua has already come we must trust in His finished work on the cross. In trusting in Yahshua one must repent of all their evil and give their life to Yahshua so that I AM our God can remove the stony cold heart/spirit that we received at birth which is the nature of satan and allow I AM to replace our old, cold, dead, stony, satanically inspired and driven old heart with a new heart of flesh that he (I AM) has written His Laws upon. Once that take place you will, Automatically," no longer break the Laws of I AM without any outward effort of trying to keep the law. Keeping the Laws of I AM becomes a part of your new nature without you giving it a single thought.

When this divine surgical procedure which is performed by I AM take place within your body, something miraculous happens inside of you which no man can see with the natural eye. There is a cleansing of the human/person/temple which take place at the moment a person truly repent of their sins and accept YeshaYah as their Messiah. In this submission to I AM through repentance the repented person has all intention never to intentionally sin by breaking I AM's commandments ever again. After this the Spirit of I AM take up residence in this newly clean Temple/vessel. I AM seal you by writing His laws on your New Heart/Spirit that He replace from the old cold, hard, dead stony, uncaring, sinful, dirty, manipulative, vengeful, jealous, angry, judgmental, lying, hateful, fearful, cruel, calloused, satanically inspired Heart/Spirit.

After this takes place the recipient doesn't even know or realize that they are obeying the Commandments. The recipient of the new heart instinctively obey I AM.  The recipient become one with the Laws of I AM to automatically walk in obedience to the Law of I AM. Even if the person does not know anything about the Laws of I AM they automatically obey I AM’s Laws.

Let me tell you something, most Christians do not know that this is what has happened to them. They do not know how to explain this to you or anyone else because it has never been explained to them in the manner in which I am explaining this to you. Because they do not have to put forth any effort to obey the Laws of I AM, it never cross their mind the necessity to follow the Law.

If it is automatically built into your human computer called a brain to open your eyes in the morning do you have to put forth effort to do so? No! Your eyes just automatically open when your rest is complete. Likewise, when I AM writes His Laws on the New Heart which is placed within you there is no need to put forth effort to obey the Laws of I AM, it is done unconsciously.

Another Example:
If I bought a brand new car with a 350 horsepower gas engine intact at the time of purchase do I have to worry about purchasing a 350 horsepower engine for the car to work? No! The engine comes intact when I purchase the car. No effort needed on my part. It is the same with a person that has been Born Again, The laws of I AM comes already written on the New Heart/Spirit that I AM place inside us when we truly repent of our sins and completely trust  YeshaYah to save us.


My brother, I say to you, if you desire to teach the people of I AM, that I AM has not cast away the Hebrew Israelites it is a wonderful thing. But to put Gentiles that are called Christians down and point out their shortcomings in the same document you are trying to teach them the word of I AM? Trust me, you are wasting your time. You cannot beat a person up then say let me heal your wounds. No one will allow you to touch them after you have injured them.

You are very correct in your teachings that I AM has not cast us/Israel/Negroes away. But you cannot get a person to hear your words after you have just told them that one and only son of I AM, YeshaYah whom they call Jesus is a false God. The word of I AM says, "He that win souls is wise." It take wisdom to win the trust of your fellow man to salvation. If you want to catch a ten pound Fish would you use a fifty pound hook? Come on Maaan!

Demonstrate the love you talk about and ask I AM to give you understanding of the matter so that you can like the Apostle Paul said, "Become all things to all men that you might win some to I AM," instead of running people off due to your ignorance and lack of understanding of the work of YeshaYah in a Gentile or Hebrew Israelites who are called Christian/YeshaYahian life.

To the Christian become a Christian, to the Hebrew Israelites be a fellow Hebrew Israelites that we may win them to YeshaYah not run them away. Once you have been Spiritually Born, Baptized (New Heart installed by I AM) into the Family of YeshaYah there is no separation of those with like experience. There is neither Hebrew nor Gentile, Christian nor Israelite, bond nor free, male nor female, we are all one people immersed/baptized/installed into the body of YeshaYah.

There is neither Hebrew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in YeshaYah our Messiah. 
Galatians 3:28

Again, Please know this, that everyone that say they are Christians are not Christians. A real Christian is a person that has had a New Covenant/Born Again experience with father I AM. Old things has passed away from them, now all things has become new. Did not I AM say he will make a NEW Covenant with the house of Israel?   Guess what, these your Gentile/Caucasian brothers who are called Christians has been engrafted into the vine so they are now members of the House of Israel. They have received the NEW COVENANT of the LAW written upon their hearts.

Many of these Gentiles that are called Christians and Hebrew Israelites that you are ranting and raving about has received this experience. I am one of those that are called a Christian and I am a Hebrew Israelite by birth.

See my brother you have a degree of knowledge, some revelation but you do not possess all revelation and knowledge. Let's stop the foolishness of kicking against the prick about things we know nothing about and do what you do best in getting I AM people into the knowledge of who we are and back into the Promised Land of Israel. HalleluYah?


     Christians Are Now I AM's Chosen People?

Gentiles and whosoever will who have had a heart transplant are engrafted into the Hebrew Israelite family and does become one with us. So yes they are I AM's chosen people also. They are part of the family tree. However they do not replace us, they are joined in with us like a branch being stuck on the side of a already mature vine or tree.

                    Deception #3                       

The laws of God is and has always been in effect. I AM has never done away with the law. This is a mistake in understanding by some Gentiles/Caucasians that are called Christians not a deception of the Christian World. What the Gentiles that are called Christians are saying in this matter is that we are not relying on keeping the law for salvation. Keeping the law does not save you only faith in the finished work of YeshaYah can save a person. We do not keep the Law the Law written on our Heart keep us.

Because Gentiles/Caucasians that are called Christians have not been taught that all the Laws are still in affect they do not see TRYING TO KEEP the Law as a primary obligation for salvation. However Gentiles that are called Christian do keep the Law without knowing the full knowledge of the Law. Christians may unknowingly break the Law but a true Born Again Christian will not intentionally continue to break the Law. If a Christian had the revelation that they are to REST on the Sabbath they would definitely do so. Notice! I said REST on the Sabbath because we are never told in the Scriptures to worship on the Sabbath we are told to Rest on the Sabbath. By resting on the Sabbath you are acknowledging the Sabbath as a Holy special day.

I want you to notice something. You and many Hebrew Israelite brothers are so harsh against Gentiles that are called Christians that you send Christians who are of the family of Israel to Eternal Damnation while YeshaYah says if one (Christians/Any person) teach a person to break a law they would be called the least in the Kingdom. If a person is least in the Kingdom that does not place them in Eternal Damnation. Tone down your judgment brother you have some serious  issues with Gentiles that are called Christians who really are your best friend and brothers in the faith. Christians love Hebrews they just do not know who The True Hebrew Israelites are. 

Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard a Christian telling a person to break the Law? No. You have heard Christians say we do not have to Keep the Law. They are correct! We whom I AM has given a New Heart do not have to Keep the Law. The Law keeps Us because it is written on our heart. We do keep the Law, with no effort.

The problem is that most Christian do not know how to explain their heart circumcision experience properly. So it is a cultural barrier of words that is the problem not a people who do not obey the Laws of I AM vs. a people that keep the Law. There is a difference though. Uncircumcised at heart Hebrew Israelites try to keep the Law and True Christians automatically keep the law with no effort because they have obtained I AM's promise of a New Heart which comes with the New Covenant.  HalleluYah? Can!!

I AM a Hebrew Israelite of the Tribe of Judah, a seed of the branch of Jessie and I would rather place my life in the hands of a true Born Again Christian rather than a Hebrew Israelite born in America. Hebrew Israelites whom have not been Born Again (Heart that the Laws, Commandments has not been written on by I AM) are like a heathens whom has no love or compassion.

Gentiles and Hebrew Israelites who are called Christian who are really followers of I AM are very compassionate because they know YeshaYah personally. Hebrew Israelites whom has not signed a New Covenant agreement with I AM know about YeshaYah, but they have not established a real relationship to get to know YeshaYah personally. This is because they still have a heart of stone. All my fellow Hebrew Israelite brothers know how to do is judge, judge, judge based on the letter of the law. They do not render compassion and mercy based on the spirit of the Law because they still have that sinful nature (Heart of stone.)

I AM also hath made us ministers of the New Covenant, not of the LETTER, but of the SPIRIT: for the LETTER killeth but the SPIRIT giveth life. 2 Corinthians 3:6

If we Hebrew Israelites knew I AM personally we would not be in captivity today. I love the Law. It is an honor to walk in the law. But trying to keep the Law do not save me. The Law written in my heart keeps me saved. My Trust in YeshaYah saved me which render me the Holy ability to keep the Law. HalleluYah.

Keeping The Law

We don't think about keeping the Law because the Laws written upon our heart keep us from breaking the Laws of I AM. Its Automatic weather one know how to explain it or not. Most people just call it as YeshaYah call it, Born Again." Some call it The New Birth. Some call it Conversion. I AM call it a New Heart of flesh. All in all it's all talking about the same miraculous process, a New Heart/Spirit from I AM with I AM's Laws written upon that New Heart/Spirit.

The old Testament Saints were saved by faith and obedience in what I AM said. The New testament Saints under the New Covenant are saved by faith in believing what Yahshua did. That faith is demonstrated in the lifestyle that a person live in obedience to the Word/Commandments of I AM. Salvation is not attained by TRYING to keep the Commandments/Laws but by actually Keeping the Commandments. Again, a Gentile or Hebrew Israelite who are called Christian do not try to keep the Commandments/Laws. A saved/Born Again person keep the Commandments with no effort needed because the Commandments are written on their heart which automatically cause them to keep the Commandments. By a person's life style you can tell if they are a real Christian/Follower of Yahshua because a real Christian/Follower of Yahshua the Messiah will act like the Messiah/Christ and not break the Commandments.

You know for yourself there are many things that those with the knowledge that they are Hebrew Israelites do which bring shame upon us as the chosen people of I AM. Does knowing we are Messianic Hebrew Israelites stop them from acting a donkey or intentionally breaking the Law? NO! Do not condemn your Christian Brothers whom are totally sold out to I AM and has been bought with the blood of YeshaYah because of your lack of understanding.

I Am amazed, for approximately 35 years I have been dealing with my fellow Hebrew Israelite brothers  about these same issues and it still has not sunk in. Every generation breed a new groups of idiots.

DO you rent or own your home?

If you rent do you call the person that you rent from your land Lord? If you call the person that you pay your rent to Land Lord are you calling on him/her as your Lord Baal? No! How foolish! Does that mean you are worshipping a man or woman that you pay your rent to as Baal? No! You are simply using a modern/old term to describe your relationship to a familiar person that you rent from. Why don't you get on your website and tell visitors to your website not to call their land lord, LORD/Baal? Tell them if they are calling on their land lord as Baal they are worshipping satan. It's the same thing.

If acknowledging I AM as your owner (Which is what lord in modern terms mean) is sin by calling I AM your ,LORD," tell everyone to stop calling a person they rent from lord because that is a sin. If you can't accept this understanding, stop worshipping your land lord as Baal first, before you tell Gentiles who are called Christians whom you are Jealous of to stop worshipping YeshaYah as Baal.

These teachings remind me of the gullible Hebrew Israelite followers of Islam in America. Hebrew Israelite followers of Islam honor a stupid dead false teacher by the name of Mohammed. Hebrew Israelite who follow this type of dumb teachings and reasoning are no different. Dumb, with no sense of understanding.

Is YeshaYah/Jesus your Savior? If you are not depending on YeshaYah as your Savior then who are you depending on to save you? You are a typical person whom the scriptures calls a novice trying to operate in a position which is reserved for the mature. You have absolutely no understanding, yet you pretend to know so much. Do you know YeshaYah from a personal perspective or do you only know about YeshaYah because of what you have read about Him in the Scriptures?  Do you spend time talking to YeshaYah? It is obvious that you have never gotten intimate with YeshaYah  to know Him personally. Your lack of quality time spent speaking and listening to YeshaYah manifest in your lack of understanding.

Please understand, this is not a personal attract! It is just time someone deal with our own according to Wisdom, Knowledge and UNDERSTANDING to hopefully stop all who are teaching this foolishness from further embarrassing yourselves.

Is YeshaYah your Master and friend? Obviously not, but, you know about him. Very good my Hebrew Israelite brother! Now pray and seek I AM's face so that He can reveal himself to you as a personal friend as well as companion and remove your cold, stony heart and give you a heart of flesh. Pray that He would write His Laws upon your heart. Please remove all the negative videos we have posted against Jesus, Christians and Christianity from our websites, YouTube and other social media outlets. 

Did you always know that the Jews were not Hebrew? You did not always know that the so called "Black" people in America were Hebrew Israelites. It was I AM who placed this curse upon His Negro Nation of people to lose their identity. It was prophetically declared that the so called Jews would claim our land. It was I AM who exiled His chosen Negro people Israel from the land of our Israelite forefathers. So why are you blaming so much of the, "Deception," (As you would call it) on Gentiles/Caucasians that are called Christian? It was I AM's purpose and plan to seal up knowledge until the time of the end, am I not correct?

I AM is NOW working to bring His people into the knowledge of the truth of who we are and now you are hindering and tearing down the work of I AM and do not know it. Shut the hell up and learn my brother. The way you are going about telling people about errors that some Gentiles who are called Christians (That I AM has made you JEALOUS and Angry with) may have made, hardly anyone will listen to you. You are a typical Hebrew Israelite condemning fool. You are full of JEALOUSY and rage because of the relationship that I AM has with the Gentiles/Caucasians who are called Christians, so you can't find anything good to say about them.

Why don't you do a page on how I AM has PROVOKED the Negro Hebrew Israelites to JEALOUSY and Anger by making Himself known to a people (Gentiles whom people called Christians) that did not seek Him?

"I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, 'Here am I, here am I.' Isaiah 65:1 NIV

Do you know why I AM did this? To piss Negroes off! To make us Jealous enough to come back to him.

I AM amazed how you did such a great work in some areas of your website and in other areas you operate like a complete idiot. I do not speak these words to insult you, only to show you the extreme degree to which you have reached in your Jealousy and Anger by talking foolishness. And I say this in love to you. But you are completely out of control with your foolish talking. You are a typical example of knowledge making a person proud with no compassion or understanding. If you do not place yourself in check, I AM will put you in check.

Now, I AM is revealing to the Negro Hebrew Israelite Nation of Israel who we are. Let us rejoice in this to move on into greatness. I AM kept our identity hid for His purpose and plan. I AM had a major hand in dishing out the curse which brought all that has happened to us. Our ancestors started the fight with I AM and I AM finished it. Therefore why are you giving credit to Satan and Christians for our lack of knowledge. Satan and Christians (Gentile, Hebrew Israelite and whosoever that will believe in I AM) ordered our slavery too right? How foolish! I AM deceived Japheth (Counterfeit Jews) into thinking they are the Hebrews but everything else hidden from, "Us," came from Satan and Christians right? Foolish!


Unless we humble ourselves as a little child we will in nowise see I AM!