Why A Registration?

Learning from the lessons of the past, from disastrous situations the Hebrew Israelite Nation feel that it would be wise to have a National Registration so that first, family, friends and associates can be easily reunited once back in the Promised Land of Israel.

The Hebrew Israelite Nation deems it not much of a security risk to Negroes/Israel by those seeking to bring harm to the members of the Hebrew Israelite Nation family due to the fact that much information have already been gathered by the enemies of the Hebrew Israelite Nation through various social medias such as face book, Black Planet, Twitter, Instagram, Link-In, Snap Chat, and the like as well as information rendered to the United States Social Security Administration, Department of Welfare, Census Bureau,  etc,.

The purpose for a Kingdom Registration is also for various governmental reasons to name a few.

* To make the transition back to the Promised Land smoother.

* Transportation to the Promised Land

* To know who will be residing in the Promised land of Israel.

* For Proper Housing Placement etc,.

With that said, let us move forward to getting our families and friends registered so that we may get out of this God forsaken, Satan worshiping nation called the United States of America.

Thank You!