We the true Children of Israel on the other hand have been suffering through hard labor while impoverished for the last 2000 years in the land of our captors under harsh task masters every since we were driven out of our home land of Israel by God. We own nothing significant, we control nothing, as a people we have nothing. We are the tail of society not the head as God promised that we would be if our forefathers did not keep the promises of the covenant which they made with God after coming out of 430 of captivity out of Egypt.

It should be clear by all who are the true Children of Israel by the evidence presented. The World court of witnesses has a moral obligation to stand up in this and voice their objection to the great lie which has been perpetrated upon a defenseless people. World observance of the truth is presented before the eyes of all to the point of decision. Or, the World can go into denial and continue to insult the Chosen people of God and suffer the just punishment for their lack of action.

They Have Grab My Land For Themselves!
Joel 3 

New York Times Article on the Jews

October 29, 1996

European ascended Jews are a Counterfeit.

Inlistening to my brother speak I have concluded the he is very knowledgeable in his views and understanding of the Fake Jews. I have had to edit his video to accept the meat and spit out the bones. My brother have knowledge but not enough understanding. It appears that my brother does not know that the fake Jews has stolen our History, the history of the so called "Black" man which is written in the Holy Bible. Not the history of the Black Egyptian people or the whole Ethiopian Nation but the history of Hebrew Israelites who are the so called "Black" man or the African American and all descendants of the Atlantic slave trade and the like. Not only that I AM not talking about the children of Ham who are the Egyptians, the Ethiopians  or any other people whom are the descendants of Ham, Noah's son.

My brother speak with much fire but is lacking much understanding. The word of God called the Bible is our "Black"/Hebrew history which was stolen by the Fake Jews. I love this brother, If only he understood that he is not an Egyptian but he is in fact a Hebrew Israelite victim of the fake Jews because these fake Jews stole his history and heritage which is written in the Bible. Because of this great theft of the fake Jews is causes him to reject the legitimacy of the word of I AM our God as authentic.

I can understand very much why my brother deny the legitimacy of the bible because if this bible was about the Fake Jews it would be a lie. But the Bible is very real and all the characters of the Bible are real because they are our "Black/Hebrew Israelite ancestors.

This brother teach as I teach with one difference, I know that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are my forefathers. I suffer today because of the legitimacy of the words written in the Bible concerning me and my forefathers. My brother suffers the same. We are not solid in all the knowledge and understandings necessary to move the masses in a forward direction but we can continue to put the machine together with all of its intricate parts to prepare to move our people into the Promised La

I place the edited teachings of this brother on this Hebrew Israelite Nation  page because we must find the common denominator that unite us as one voice rather than to continue in the systematic systems that were and are created to keep us divided so that our enemies can continually conquer and dominate us.

If my brother could only comprehend and understand that we the so called "Black" people are the real Jews (Jewels) of the 12 Tribes of Israel he would gain a greater understanding, and perspectives of the word of I AM.

I commend Marcus Garvey for his idea of moving our people out of this land of captivity but, without our God, I AM and His timing of moving us out of the captivity that I AM has place us in for 400 years it is a waste of time and energy. If I AM said we will be in captivity for 400 years in a distant land nothing will change that. However, now our time of captivity is over and I AM, by His spirit is moving upon His people to reveal who we Negroes really are all in preparation of bringing us back into the Promised Land of Israel, the Land of our Hebrew Israelite forefathers.

This post was edited to keep the focus on the illegitimacy of the fake Jews. It was not edited for any pretentious attempt to make the viewers believe that my Hebrew brother that does not know he is Hebrew  believe in the words of the Bible of believe anything other than what is said. Like any good Father when feeding his children, I chose not to feed my people a poison with meat of the lack of knowledge of who we are. I have just removed what I know to be poison and just presenting clean meat. I believe my brother is an awesome teacher and has great convictions in what he teaches. He is just a little mixed up in his understanding and knowledge. I do believe this, he will come into the truth of the knowledge of who we are as a people and who he is as a Hebrew Israelite whom the fake Jews has stolen our history to try make it appear to be theirs. I AM allowed that for a season but now that the season of the Gentiles/Caucasians is ended, their scam is also been made null and void.

Please know and understand, The Hebrew Israelite Nation does not embrace any Egyptian teachings as truth. The only truth the Hebrew Israelite Nation accept, acknowledge and teach as truth is what we know and accept to be the written word of I AM as recorded in the Bible. The Hebrew Israelite Nation recognize that attempts has been made by the enemies of I AM to distort the truth of the written word of I AM. There is overwhelming evidence to the truth of the word of I AM that will not allow any attempted distortion to prevail. We also have the history (Our History) written in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I AM is awesome!

​                               BEWARE OF THE MARK

Part V  Appendix A

                               Unveiling Satan's Deception

                           A Word Study from the Scriptures

                                   Phineas Rhinehart

The word listed in the Greek of the Strong's Lexicon* under number 2453 having been translated J-e-w by the early translators causes more confusion than any other word in the Bible. The word J-e-w (plural J-e-w-s) is so translated in the New Testament some 187 times in the majority of our English translations. The word J-e-w, however, is a generic or made-up term that should not be in the Bible at all, and I shall prove that fact in this study.

The word (Strong's 2453), in its original languages, means that one is either from the one tribe of Judah or that one is a resident of Judea. And a resident of Judea might be aperson of any race or religion. One would simply have to live in the area of Judea to be a Judean. A true Judahite would have to be born from the seed-line of the Patriarch Judah, just as the Lord Jesus Christ was.

If the early translators had transliterated Strong's 2453, that is, if they had exchanged each letter of the Greek word into its equivalent English letter, the word would have looked like this: Ioudaios, which is eight letters, not three like J-e-w. Many words have simply been transliterated in the Bible, causing their actual meanings to be confused. Such is Strong's Greek word number 32, angelos. Number 32 is transliterated into the English as angel. The word angel, however, gives us no information as to the actual meaning of the word. The word means messenger. The messenger can be from I AM—or from Satan. And too, the messenger can be a human one. John the Baptiser is called a messenger (Strong's 32) by Jesus in Matthew 11.10. And Paul calls himself a messenger (Strong's 32) from God inGalatians 4.14. II Corinthians 11.7 mentions a messenger (Strong's 32) sent by Satan. The shameful transliteration of angelos (Strong's 32) has caused much of the mysticism regarding Divine Messengers. With the following examples we shall prove the inconsistencies which translators have made in translating and transliterating words in our Bibles. Remember, a consistent method is essential for a good translation. Linguists call such a translation a concordant one. Take the English word Hebrew or Hebrews (Strong's 1445). The transliteration is as follows for the singular and plural:

Singular Plural

Transliteration: Hebraios Hebraioi

English Bibles: Hebrew Hebrews

Take the word Israel (Strg. 2474) and Israelite (Strg. 2475):

Transliteration: Israel Israelites

English Bibles: Israel Israelite

Jews owns all major TV Station, most Radio stations, most of the Fashion industry etc.. Everything that come from these industries are Satanic garbage. So the question is, if they are the people that are supposed to display righteousness throughout the earth as God's chosen people why does their fruit display gross unrighteousness?

If one was to ask the question, Why does some of the true Hebrew Israelite celebrities in the music industry display gross unrighteousness, the answer is. Jews have been used by satan to purchase the souls of these Hebrew Israelites in exchange for fame and fortune. Jews are agents for all Satan evil deals/transactions in the Earth.

Ancient Drawings in Tomb Menna Menena

 of Israelite (Jews) slaves in Egypt

Slavery ships transported Negros who were kidnapped from the continent of Africa and spread throughout every nation of the world is the real Children of Israel, according to history and scripture.

“Judah’s/Negroes sin is engraved with a steel chisel, A steel chisel with a diamond point—engraved on their granite hearts, engraved on the stone corners of their altars. The evidence against them is plain to see: sex-and-religion altars and sacred sex shrines Anywhere there’s a grove of trees, anywhere there’s an available hill.

“I’ll use your mountains as roadside stands for giving away everything you have. All your ‘things’ will serve as reparations for your sins all over the country. You’ll lose your gift of land, The inheritance I gave you. I’ll make you SLAVES of your enemies in a far-off and strange land. My anger is hot and blazing and fierce, and no one will put it out.” 

Jeremiah 17:1-4  (MSG)

              THE EDOMITES & THE KHAZARS  

Who are the people in the land of Israel Known as Jews?

 By Obadiyah Ysrayl 

DESCENDANTS OF THE BIBLICAL ISRAELITES is the answer most people will give when confronted with this question. But is this true, if you have read all the pages on this site up until now, you know the answer is no. To prove this all we have to do is look to history for this answer. The Israeli Jews consists of two groups (Ashkenazi and Sephardim), ten to twenty percent are known as Sephardim or Eastern Jew, the remaining eighty to ninety percent are known as Ashkenazi or European Jew. The Ashkenazi Jew comes from Eastern European countries, the Sephardim comes from "Mideast countries". Let history show us who the KHAZARS and Sephardim were and are.

In the year 450 A.D. one of Europe's barbaric tribes was beginning to show signs of restlessness. This tribe was called the KHAZARS (Chazars). Within the next two hundred years, the KHAZARS would form Eastern Europe's largest and most powerful kingdom. They would rule supreme for about 200 years, ranking in power with the Muslim Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire. Their kingdom, of approximately one million square miles, bordered the Aral sea on the east; Kiev and the Ukrainian Steppes on the west: the Caucasus mountain and the Black Sea on the south: and the Ural mountain on the north. 

Khazaria represented a very important period in European history, without their valor, Europe would have probably been one 100% Muslim today. Why don't we hear more about the KHAZARS and their mighty empire today?Now lets look at the genealogy of the KHAZARS. Since this matter is so important, we shall allow the Kagan or King of the KHAZARS to inform us. A Khazar King named Joseph corresponded with a Spanish Israelite named Hasdai Ibn Sharprut sometime between 954 and 961 C.E. (Manuscripts of this correspondence may be seen in the Library of Christ Church at Oxford, England and in the Leningrad Public Library in Leningrad, Russia) Hasdai was the chief minister of the Caliph of Cordoba Abd - al - Rahman III.

At that time Cordoba was the splendor of Moorish Spain (a mixture of black skinned Muslims and Israelites ), and was the main center of European Culture. In his letter to Hasdai, King Joseph stated that he was from the line of JAPHETH, FROM THE SEED OF TOGARMAH, Japheth's grandson. He further stated that Togarmah, who was the brother of ASHKENAZ, had ten sons and the KHAZARS represented the seventh son. With his own lips, this King had given the root of his being and the lineage of his offspring which was from the sons of Japheth .

Let us now see what the scriptures have to say about Japheth and Togarmah. In the book of Genesis 10: 2 - 5. "The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. and the sons of Gomer: ASHKENAZ, AND Riphath, and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan: Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. By these were THE ISLES OF THE GENTILE divided in their lands everyone after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

According to the King of the KHAZARS, his people descended from the family of Magog. Like all European nations at the time, the KHAZARS were pagans. However, ca. 740 C.E. King Bulan initiated the conversion of his kingdom to a new and different philosophy. Before the conversion, the Kagan invited representatives of Christianity, Islam and the Israelites to discuss the three doctrines. It was unanimously agreed, in response to the Kagan's question, that the doctrine of the Israelites was closest to the truth, he came to this conclusion because both the Christians (Byzantine) and Muslims both respected the Hebrew scriptures.

And also in order for the KHAZARS to remain independent they chose the faith that neither the Christian or Muslims was part of but both respected. After the conversion the Khazar King changed his name to become King Obadiah. They displayed much hope but very little understanding, especially of spiritual matters. Eventually, they had to invent their own brand of the law which later they named Judaism. The word "Judaism" cannot be found in the writings of the Prophets of old, neither is it found anywhere in the Holy Scriptures. Judaism, is a misunderstanding or perversion of the customs of the ancient Israelites, as practiced by the KHAZARS.

I AM, don’t sit idly by, silent and inactive when we/Negroes pray. Answer us! Deliver us!

Don’t you hear the tumult and commotion of your enemies? Don’t you see what they are doing, these proud men/Caucasians who hate the I AM? They are full of craftiness and plot against your Negro people, laying plans to murder your precious ones. “Come,” they say, “and let us wipe out Negroes/Israel as a nation—we will destroy the very memory of her existence.” This was their unanimous decision at their summit conference—they signed a treaty to ally themselves against Almighty God—these Ishmaelites and Edomites and Moabites and Hagrites; people from the lands of Gebal, Ammon, Amalek, Philistia and Tyre; Assyria has joined them too, and is allied with the descendants of Lot.  
Psalm 83 



​​Books, Book reviews, Articles...

1. The best way to start learning about the Khazars and their history is to read an excerpt on the subject taken from Alfred Lilienthal's book What Price Israel? (see excerpts, also in Arabic translation)

2. Another interesting article is the one written by Dr. Fayez Sayegh, a Palestinian Christian, who put the issue of the Khazars in a religious context. By refuting the Jews' divine and historic rights to Palestine, Zionism's claim becomes baseless (see article). Dr. Sayegh quotes extensively from a study by Professor Alfred Guillaume who exclusively deals with the religious aspect of the promise God made to Abraham (see study). 

3. "Scholars Debate Origins of Yiddish and Migration of Jews" (New York Times of October 29, 1996) is one of those rare instances where the issue of the Khazars is treated in the mainstream media. But notice how misleading the title is. Not only does the word Khazar not appear in the title, but it is mentioned only once in this long article and toward the end. This issue of the Origin of the Yiddish Language was taken up in a three-part series by Philologos in the Jewish weekly Forward: Vocal Majority (Nov 22, 1996), The Case of Ladino (Nov. 29, 1996), and Redrawing the Yiddish Map (Dec.6, 1996).

4. The book that popularized the Khazars is the one written by Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage, Random House, 1976. After tracing the history of this ancient empire, the author concludes that "The mainstream of Jewish migrations did not flow from the Mediterranean across France and Germany to the east and then back again. The stream moved in a consistently westerly direction, from the Caucasus through the Ukraine into Poland and thence into Central Europe. When that unprecedented mass settlement in Poland came into being, there were simply not enough Jews around in the west to account for it, while in the east a whole nation was on the move to new frontiers" (page 180). See the review of the book written by Grace Halsell.

5. The Ashkenazi Jews: A Slavic and Turkish People in Search of a Jewish Identity, by Paul Wexler, Professor of Linguistics, Tel Aviv University, 1993. In this book, Paul Wexler suggests that the great bulk of Yiddish-speaking Eastern-European Jewry have no genetic relations to the Jews of the Middle East and southern Europe and descends from Slavic (and to a lesser extent Turkish) proselytes who converted to Judaism. His argumentation is based on a linguisitc approach. He contends that, in East-European Yiddish, a number of basic Jewish ritual practices are referred to by originally Slavic words. His conclusion is that "The evidence provided by Jewish languages strongly suggests that there is little basis for the claims that the contemporary Jews of Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as their religious practices and folklores, are 'evolved forms' of the Palestinian Jews and their culture of two millennia ago. On the contrary, contemporary Jews, like their religion and folk culture, appear to be overwhelmingly of non-Jewish origin." Philologos wrote a four-part series commenting on the book in the Jewish weekly Forward : 

Wexler's Bombshells - Part 1 (June 4, 1993), 

Wexler's Conversions - Part 2 (June 11, 1993), 

Wexler's Conversions - Part 3 (June 18, 1993) and 

Wexler's Conversions - Part 4 (June 25, 1993).

6. The Jews of Khazaria, by Kevin Alan Brook, 1999. This volume traces the development of the Khazars from their early beginnings as a tribe to the decline and fall of their kingdom. It also examines the many migrations of the Khazar people into Hungary, Ukraine, and other areas of Europe. The Jews of Khazaria draws upon the latest archival, linguistic, and archaeological discoveries (see The Khazaria Info Center).

                                                  Internet Sites

The Khazaria Info Center: http://www.khazaria.com

The Khazar Heritage: http://home6.swipnet.se/~w-66679/khazaria/index.html

Book of Ruth Proves Khazars are Legitimate Jews: http://www.advweb.com/kw/misc/misc/kw_khazar.html

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Soc. Culture. Jewish Section 13. Jews as a Nation 

Khazar Information: http://www.daft.com/~scotto/melody/dotk.html

Khazaria Historic Maps: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Sparta/3976/ 

                                     For the rest of the items on this website, click here

I will go further to say this, many fake Jews have been deceived but it is time to wake up and face the truth of who you are. Why should  the counterfeit Jews continue to deceive when the facts of life is against you.

Jesus makes a distinction as to who are his chosen people in his revelation to the Apostle John in the Book of Revelations 2:9, 3:9 Jesus said;

2:9 “I know about your suffering and your poverty—but you are rich! I know the blasphemy of those opposing you. They say they are Jews, but they are not, because their synagogue belongs to Satan.

9 Look, I will force those who belong to Satan’s synagogue—those liars who say they are Jews but are not—to come and bow down at your feet. They will acknowledge that you are the ones I love
New Living Translation (NLT)


Fake Jews practice a religion called Judaism, Hebrew Israelites the true Children of Israel, the real chosen people of I AM study and live by the words written in the Torah, the old testament and the new Testament called the Bible.

The writer of this website feel that the writer, ObadiYah Ysrayl did an excellent job in presenting material in reference to Israelite Culture and Heritage as well as material on Jews and Judaism therefore I present to you the writings of ObadiYah Ysrayl.

JEWISH -  Of or relating to JEWS, OF  JUDAISM

TRADITION -  A  Custom, opinion or belief handed  down to 

           one's decedents verbally or by practice.

JUDAISM -  The religious practice of the Jews,




In a lecture I have given in 1995, I alluded to a very important point that deserves to be dealt with in depth. The following is a quotation from that lecture:

I am a Christian Arab. Not all the Jews are my cousins and neither are all the Christians nor all the Muslims. My cousins are the Hebrews, the Jews who live or used to live in the Arab countries. Arabs and Hebrews are both Semitic people and both words are made up of the same Semitic three-letter root (`rb & `br ). The Jews of Europe, the Ashkenazi, are Jews but not Hebrews (Ashkenaz is the medieval Hebrew name for Germany). Nor are they Semites in the first place, a fact that points to a misuse of another term, that of anti-Semitism. As a matter of fact, the Ashkenazi Jews have no historic link to Palestine. They descend from the Khazars, a Tatar people of Turkish origin who converted to Judaism at the time of Charlemagne in the 8th century. Their homeland is located in south-eastern Russia between the Caspian and the Black seas (See Map).

What I was alluding to is almost a taboo subject that very few people know about. It is the subject of the Jewish Khazars, the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews. I wrote two Letters to the Editor (letters 94 and 100) about the origin of the Ashkenazi Jews and their relationship to the Khazars. I was not surprised when the Editor chose not to print them. This issue, however, is not unknown to scholars, particularly to Medieval historians. But the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the educated people, and even the history teachers in high schools have never heard of the Khazars.

One of the first scholars who started to be interested in Khazar history is the orientalist Paul Eric Kahle, who was born in 1875 in East Prussia and died in 1965 in Bonn. He published The Cairo Geniza in London, Oxford University Press, 1947. His student, D. M. Dunlop, wrote The History of the Jewish Khazars, published by Princeton University Press in 1954 (pb 1967). It is considered to be an invaluable source for Khazar history. Another historian from Cambridge University, J. B. Bury, devoted a chapter on the Khazars in his book A History of the Eastern Roman Empire, published in London in 1912.

European Jews Are Really Gentiles Whose Ancestors Converted To Judaism

Posted on February 27, 2011 by omasiali

European Jews Are Really Gentiles Whose Ancestors Converted To Judaism

Posted on July 25, 2010 by omasiali

European- Converted Jews have no Blood line to Abraham

The facts are clear now, that most of those who call themselves Jews are not real seed of Abraham Jews and have no claim to the land of Palestine because they have no genetic relationship to Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. This truth must no longer be suppressed within Christian dispensational theory. The October 29, 1996 N.Y. Times, in an article entitled, “Scholars Debate Origins of Yiddish and the Migrations of Jews,” states:

“Arching over these questions is the central mystery of just where the Jews of Eastern Europe came from. Many historians believe that there were not nearly enough Jews in Western Europe to account for the huge population that later flourished in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and nearby areas.”

“By reconstructing the Yiddish mother tongue, linguists hope to plot the migration of the Jews and their language with a precision never possible before.

“It has even been suggested, on the basis of linguistic evidence, that the Jews of Eastern Europe were not predominantly part of the diaspora from the Middle East, but were members of another ethnic group that adopted Judaism.”

“…One linguist has recently argued that Yiddish began as a Slavic language that was ‘relexified,’ with most of its vocabulary replaced with German words.”

“…Even more troublesome are demographic studies indicating that during the Middle Ages there were no more than 25,000 to 35,000 Jews in Western Europe. These figures are hard to reconcile with other studies showing that by the 17th century there were hundreds of thousands of Jews in Eastern Europe.”

“…Some scholars believe the roots of Yiddish, and even the Ashkenazic people themselves, lie much farther east. In his 1976 book, The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler made the startling suggestion, never taken seriously by linguists, that the Eastern European Jews were not really Semitic — that they were largely descended from the Turkish Khazars, who converted en masse to Judaism in medieval times.”

“More recently, Koestler’s controversial thesis has been revived and expanded in a 1993 book, The Ashkenazic ‘Jews’: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity (Slavica Publishers), by Dr. Paul Wexler, a Tel Aviv University linguist.”

“Wexler uses a reconstruction of Yiddish to argue that it began as a Slavic language whose vocabulary was largely replaced with German words. Going even further, he contends that the Ashkenazic Jews are predominantly converted Slavs and Turks who merged with a tiny population of Palestinian Jews from the Diaspora.”

Ashkenazi "Jews," make up 90% of World Fake Jewry

Please notice what YeshaYah/Jesus said, not only are the fake Jews pretending to be Hebrew Israelites, they are OPPOSING Hebrew Israelites. Jews are in opposition to Hebrew Israelites.


A Great rule of thought is as Jesus/Yeshayah said: A good tree cannot produce bad fruit. Neither can a bad tree produce good fruit. This means, a good person or group of people cannot produce things that bring about evil results.  Neither can a bad person or a group of bad people produce things that will bring about good results.  Therein we have the dilemma of the people who the bible says are Gentiles that pretend to be "Jews."

Everything these people touches turns out evil. They have bought most of the TV and Radio stations, the result is that 90% of what comes on TV is evil and unfit for individual viewing lest on family viewing. Nothing but smut and garbage comes over the airways today. Is this the fruit of a Holy Righteous people that love God? NO! This clearly show that 2+2 does not equal 4000 yet we foolishly continue to support these people as God's chosen people in spite of the overwhelming evidence that clearly point to the contrary.

YeshaYah said this about Himself, "If you do not believe me for the word I speak, believe for the works that I do." What YeshaYah was saying in this is, your works will witness to who and what you are. If you are a person or group of people committed to I AM (God) and his ways you will produce things that are good, wholesome, loving, kind and righteous.

YeshaYah, told these fake Jews, "You are of your father the devil." These people that are committed to satan have been around a long time pretending to be the Children of Israel. Why can't we just believe the words of YeshaYah? 

So they (the Egyptians) organized them (Israelites) into work-gangs and put them to hard labor under gang-foremen. They built the storage cities Pithom and Rameses for Pharaoh. But the harder the Egyptians worked them the more children the Israelites had—children everywhere! The Egyptians got so they couldn’t stand the Israelites and treated them worse than ever, crushing them with slave labor. They made them miserable with hard labor—making bricks and mortar and back-breaking work in the fields. They piled on the work, crushing them under the cruel workload.  Exodus 1: 11-14 (MSG)

                                The House of Israel

The whole House of Israel/ which include all 12 Tribes of Israel have been in a refining process for the last 2000 years that we may come forth as a Holy Nation fit for our makers use. I AM the Creator of Heaven and Earth and our maker has chosen Israel to be his own that we may show forth His righteousness and holiness throughout the Earth. We are called and has been chosen to expressed righteousness and holy living as a reflection of our God I AM through a sanctified lifestyle according to the truthfulness of His word the Torah by which we pledge our lives.

​We the true chosen people of God are called and known by other names also. We are called Christians whom express our love and devotion to God through a unique form of worship which is called Christianity. Please take special notice that I used the term true House of Israel because there is a people which has dedicated their lives for thousands of years to the worship of satan which has been sent on a mission by satan to distort the truth and reality of who we are as the chosen of God as well as masquerade the truth of who they are. These people are called Jews whom has even perpetrated the greatest hoax (Holocaust) the World has ever witnessed by claiming that they endured a holocaust whereby 6 million of their people were exterminated is gas chambers during the rule of Adolph Hitler reign throughout  WWII in Germany.

                           Proselyte Jews

Please note:

The following information is taken from the Israelite Heritage Website. Though I agree with my Hebrew Israelite brother in this matter of teachings concerning the Jews I do not endorse most of his teachings especially when it comes to spiritual matters and the matters concerning Christians and Christianity. My brother is obviously void of any God given understanding  concerning Hebrews that are called Christians and Christianity.

Israelite/Negro Slaves in Egypt

The so called, "Jews," of the World has been deceived by Satan our arch enemy into believing that they are I AM's chosen people. These counterfeit, Fake Jews ancestors has served and worshipped satan for thousands of years.  They are better known as Gypsies, and are in fact the same counterfeit Jews that are masquerading as the infamous Children of ancient Israel.

These wandering nomads has always faithfully followed Satan. They have a worldwide reputation as deceivers, thieves, liars and manipulators. These charlatan are most famously for their dedication for raising us psychics, soothsayers, palm readers, witches, warlocks, wizards and dedicated worshippers of Lucifer as god.

I speak these words in love not in malice. I like most Christians and Hebrew Israelites took these people word at face value until I AM open my eyes to the fact that these counterfeits are liars that worship in the Synagogue of Satan. Revelations 2:9, 3:9. 

These fake Jews has been called upon and has been sent on a mission in these last days specifically to deceive the World to into believing that they are the Children of Israel while establishing a New World Order with the recognition of  Satan as god. 

I believe this hour is your final moment to make a conscious decision. That decision is to continue to live a lie now that it is clear that you have been lied to and living a lie wherein there is no profit. Or you can come to terms with what has been done to you and the True Chosen people of God whom you have been consciously or unintentionally impersonating.

If you have made a decision to do the right thing and acknowledge that you are not the holy chosen people of God you then have a moral obligation to do all that is in your power to help restore the True Hebrew Israelites back to the Promised Land of Israel. You have a moral obligation to tell the World who are the true people of God then encourage all to help restore the Chosen people of God.

When I AM the creator of Heaven and Earth gave the Law to Moses (Moshe) on Mt. Sinai, he never mention anything about Judaism. Judaism is not of I AM, it is the creation of men who are inspired by Satan.  

As Hebrew Israelites our main goal is to repent and return back to I AM our Heavenly Father, with all our soul, mind and heart.  The only way Hebrew Israelites can return, is to follow the only true path I AM has laid down for us.  If we take any other route then we are still on the path to destruction. 

We are never to copy the practices and traditions of the Jewish culture and community. We are to never practice Judaism. You can read more on Judaism, the beliefs of Jews and teachings on the page, Who are the Jews.

Arthur Koestler in his very noteworthy book "THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE gives further detailed information about the KHAZARS and their conversion to the faith of the Israelites and how the majority of today's European Jews are direct descendants of them. The information contained in his book is backed up by scripture that shows  the Jews are Gentiles, not natural-born Israelites.

According to Microsoft Encarta, "Today, about 85% of all Jews are Ashkenazim". The Ashkenazi are not descendants of Israel, Ashkenaz was the grandson of Japheth and brother of Togarmah. Arthur Koestler further explains why today's Jews call themselves Ashkenazi even though they are the Physical seed of Togarmah. He shows that the KHAZARS took on the name of Ashkenaz because it was prophesied in Jeremiah 51:27 that Ashkenaz and their allies would conquer Babylon.

After reading all the historical and biblical information about who are and who are not the true Israelites according to the flesh, should make us have an full understanding of Revelation 12:9. which states : And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and Satan, which deceive the whole world.

The whole world is deceived not only about the right way to worship I AM, but they are deceived about who are the true Israelites a people near and dear unto I AM (psalms 148:14).

The second half of the Jewish populace in the land of Yisrael today are the Sephardim or Eastern Jew/ Edomites. They have been in the land for over 1900 years , since the 1st century C.E. They are indigenous to the "Mideast". These are the real Edomites (descendants of Jacob twin Esau or Edom) they have lived side by side with the Arab population for many centuries. They are truly descendant from Shem, these Jews are different from the Ashkenazi in appearance they have darker skin and look more like the darker Arab population of the "Mid East", they also comprise less than 20% of the Israeli population. But it would appear that this small segment "Children of Shem" (NOT SEMITES) lineage is cleverly used, along with "Judaism" to imply the "Shemitic" origin of all Israelis Jews.These Sephardim entered the land in the first century C.E., along with the Romans when Israel was being kicked out of the land, as it is written in the book of ObadaYah. 

Verse 2 "Behold, I have made you small among the heathen: you are GREATLY DESPISED."

While verses 10 - 16 tells us of Edom's injustice against the Israelites and the prophesy of their curse. "For your violence against your brother Jacob shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off for ever.

verse 11 In the day that you stood on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even you was as one of them.

verse 12 But you should not have looked on the day of your brother in the day that he became a stranger; neither should you have spoken proudly in the day of distress,

verse 13 You SHOULD NOT HAVE ENTERED INTO THE GATE OF MY PEOPLE IN THE DAY OF THEIR CALAMITY: yeah, you should not have look on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands ON THEIR SUBSTANCE IN THE DAY OF THEIR CALAMITY:

verse 14 Neither should you have stood in the crossway, to cut off his that did escape; neither should you have you have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress.

verse 15 For the day of I AM is near upon all the heathen: as you have done, IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU: YOUR REWARD SHALL RETURN UPON YOUR OWN HEAD 

verse 16 For ar you have drunk upon my holy mountains, so shall all the heathen drink continually, yea they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been.

The people who are known as Ashkenazi Jews are not descendants of the ancient Israelites.  They are descendant from a people known in history as the Khazars. The majority of Jews living in Europe, Russia, Israel and the United States are secular (don't believe in I AM). The ones who are religious or have a belief in a god, practice what they call JUDAISM.  As you can see from the definitions above, Judaism is the religion of the Jews, it is also a nickname for Jewish culture.

Ezekiel 36:5

Therefore, says I AM, the Master, now I’m speaking in a fiery rage against the

rest of the nations, but especially against Edom, who in an orgy of violence and shameless insolence robbed me of my land, grabbed it for themselves.’

These satan worshipers called Jews are claiming to be God's chosen people, the House of Israel. For surely there is great deception being perpetrated on the Earth by one of these groups. Both ethnic groups cannot make the same claim as the chosen people of God. One of these groups owns most of the wealth in the World yet they are only one percent on the World population. The other group are the poorest people on the face of the Earth yet they populate the Earth by approximately one Billion.

The Fake Jews has been embellished with wealth from Satan to purchase most of the TV stations, the News Media and the News agencies around the World. They own most if not all the Major Corporations of the World. They have put together schemes to grab our Promised Land of Israel and claim it as their own while denying us access to our own land The Land of our Forefathers. Look what Jesus has to say about the Fake Jews:

You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from the thorn bushes, of figs from the thistle? 
Matthew 7:16

Jesus said: 
Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.
Matthew 7:20 

Belief's and Teachings of The Jews
Is the Fruit of 
Righteousness or Unrighteousness?

​Our Questions Are:

1.) If the European Jews are descendants of Gentiles who converted to Judaism, then would they have a blood or flesh link to the nation of Israel and the Covenant of Abraham? If they have no blood and flesh connection, then how can they claim Jewishness by race, blood, and or flesh? Would it be falsehood to do so? If they are Gentile descendants of converts to Judaism how can they be Priests and Rabbis since Talmudic law mandates that no Gentile convert can receive any office of Rabbi or Priest, as these positions and offices cannot be obtained by conversion, adoption, or birth into a family lineage of Gentile converts;

2.) If these Khazar, German, Polish, Russian, or other white or Turkish-Slavic Gentile-Jews have no direct pedigree back to Israel and the twelve tribes, can they escape being saved through Jesus Messiah claiming their Jewishness gives them a right to salvation through ancient promises in the Covenant of Abraham? If these think they can avoid the necessity to come to Jesus Messiah for salvation claiming conversion of an ancestor’s conversion to Pharisee Judaism, are they deceiving themselves? Would it not be a Christian’s duty then to seek to convert these alleged Jews who are really Gentiles?

3.) If these have no blood and flesh link to Abraham, what rights do they have to any part of Israel today, to be a part of its governing body, or to control and or be the head of that religion? If these are not real Jews who have created Israel in 1948, but Gentile descendants of Gentile converts, then would it not be true that Israel is NOT A REGATHERING OF THE TRUE JEWS?

4.) Is it possible that the real Israelites were of a black ethnic race and what are now the Ashkenazi and Sephardic groups are all Gentile converts to ancient Judaism and not REAL Jews at all?

These questions are asked because true interpretation of all Prophecy concerning Israel and Jews hinges upon a careful application of Scripture. As Christians we are obligated to love all people the Jew first, and even those who have pretended to be Jews all of these centuries but who are really Gentiles who have rejected Jesus as the Messiah to live under Pharisee Judaism interpretation of the Old Testament.

We are taught by our Lord Jesus to know the Truth on all things. Jesus clearly instructed all Christians not to follow the Pharisees in any doctrine. If there are Gentiles claiming Judaism by conversion to Pharisee-Talmudism, and then these Gentile converts or descendants of Gentile converts, turn and say to Christians, YOU ARE AN ANTISEMITE FOR NOT LIKING OUR HATRED OF JESUS, we can say: BALONEY! And if these pretend-Jews whose ancestors converted to Pharisee Judaism turn and say to us in Christian Judaism: YOU CANNOT CLAIM JUDAISM AS CHRISTIANS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWERS OF THE PHARISEE SECT; we would say: Who are you Gentiles and descendants of Gentiles to be lords over us with the Pharisee Sect religion and tell us what we can and cannot do?

There has been absolutely no validation from God that the Pharisee Sect has been designated the holders in due title of the religion of ancient Israel, nor that their religious traditions and oral laws are of I AM, sent by I AM, and approved by I AM as a replacement of or equal to the original as given by Moses and contained in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

In fact the opposite is true. Since the Pharisees came to power at the time of Jesus, I AM has been against them and because of them sent Titus his servant to destroy the Temple and Jerusalem. And to this day, after nearly 2,000 years, they are still void of God validating their Sect as the depository of the Divine Covenant. Christians believe that the New Covenant replaced the Old and specifically any and all Pharisee traditions of the Elders, their oral traditions, and the decisions and opinions of their Rabbis. Thus, any opinion, book, theology, or tradition based upon that which has been rejected has the value of blank paper.

In Jesus Messiah all believers both Jew and Gentile are adopted and converted to Christian Judaism (Messianic Judaism) and we together are heirs and joint heirs, the one body, the household of faith, the God of Israel, the true elect, and made ONE in ALL of the promises and blessings of Abraham. We exert that inheritance and lay claim to it through Acts 2:38, regardless of who or what kind of Pharisee or Gentile deceived by them, tries to deny our family relationship to the true Israel of God (Rom 8:16-17; Gal 3:29; Titus 3:7; James 2:5).

The conclusion is, that it does not matter if a person is a Jew, a Gentile claiming to be Jewish, or a Gentile; all must come to Jesus Messiah for salvation or they are not the people of God. The entire New Covenant is a contract between I AM and man and it is predicated upon GRACE not RACE. There remains no longer a contract of God and man through the LAW! Paul said in Romans 10:4–Messiah is the END of the Law.

Arise ye Israel of I AM according to the New Covenant, Shout, for the Lord your Messiah giveth you the victory over all enemies (see Rev. 17:14).​

Out Of  The Mouth Of  Two Or More Witnesses 
Let Everything Be Established!

Deuteronomy 19:15