On Another Note:

Who are the main beneficiaries of the Wholesale incarceration of our Hebrew Men and Women? Answer: Caucasians, which include Jews!

                                                                  We Are A Nation At WAR

We cannot fight a spiritual battle with natural weapons and expect to win. Here is what the infallible Word of I AM says:

"For we wrestle (WAR) not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph 6:12

Interpreted for this situation, War was declared against, "The so called "Black" Man who are indeed the Hebrew Israelite Man and his family." For thousands of years we have been unknowingly in struggle/battle against super powerful evil spirit forces. 

                                                                                                     A Trick Of Our Adversary 

If we really want to see our situation change we must include the whole truth concerning us which is written in the Word of I AM. We must also embrace revelation knowledge from I AM's Holy Spirit not just our natural knowledge and understanding of how things are and how we think they are to be."

Please remembered the movement of the 50's and 60's were amongst Black/Hebrew Israelite Christians whom were joined by people of other cultures and ethnicities. The movement was not established as a multicultural endeavor. I AM desires to use us in this movement but if we do not conform to His will, intent, method, plan and purpose He will select others individuals to replace un conforming leaders.

Please know that other cultures have not been specifically targeted by a sworn enemy for destruction. Other cultures are not called to destroy satan and the kingdoms of the world which are under his control. Other cultures are not, has not and never will experience the intentional afflictions  that "Blacks"/Hebrew Israelites has suffered over the last 4000 years.

One of the major mistakes that "Black"/Hebrew Israelites who want to be "Leaders" make is that they want to help everyone. We must help our own people first. In doing so others will benefit from the help rendered to our people. That is why the scriptures say,

However, Jesus/YeshaYah went on to cleanse the Gentile/Caucasian woman's daughter of the demon because she was persistent in her request.

Incorporating a system as a Multiracial, multicultural movement is man/woman devising his/her own plan and solution with his own limited knowledge, strength and wisdom.

Where was the help from multiculturalism during the thousands of years we have been suffering? Has other cultures help or come to our rescue? No! As a matter of fact I AM said that they, laughed, rejoiced and shouted with glee as we fell and suffered.

Not only that, other cultures took advantage of our situation and move into our land. Yes, our Promise Land was taken over by gentiles/"Jews,"/Italians/Romans, English speaking Gentiles and  other cultures after we were driven out of our Promised Land 2000 years ago by I AM.

The Gentiles/Caucasians time of occupation of our Promised Land is over and I AM is calling us back home to the Promised Land of Israel just as our modern day Moses, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prophesied as his final directives to us the night before his departure.

Let My People Go!!!

That they may go and worship me in,

"The Promised Land!"
Isaiah 42:22

There is a spiritual aspect of what has been taking place with our people from the beginning of our inception with father Abraham in the scriptures. I am in nowise insinuating that all must personally speak of the spiritual aspect of these things that affect our people but, all should know and understand that they truly exist. We must share the revelations which has been entrusted to our care from our great God I AM which is a great piece of the puzzle and leave the rest to individuals that I AM has gifted with other segments of the picture/puzzle of the life of the Hebrew Israelite/Black people. However, the word says, "How can two walk together unless they are in agreement."

We must understand, Why, Who and What is the Only Solution," to this travesty of the continued enslavement of our people. Anything other than that, we will be spinning our wheels for the rest of our lives assuming that we have accomplish great feats and making great strides but really accomplishing NOTHING as our people continue to rot in these prison cells.

Please, hear these words my people, there is a SOLID SOLUTION. There is a Key that opens our Prison doors and no man can shut. These same prison door has been closed and no man or woman (Garvey, Du Bois, Booker T, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Farrakhan, Elijah Mohammed, etc.. in all their efforts throughout history has not been able to open. We will never be able to open our prison doors until we surrender to the Master's plan which is the keys to these prison doors.

Those I AM has appointed to walk together in this endeavor will be given knowledge of  Him opening  prison door as we accept divine instructions. Why? Because it is time. I AM is ready! I caution that we must sternly remember that it is I AM that is working to accomplish this prison release, it will not come about as a result of  the exertion of our wisdom and or our intellect.

                                                  Who are We? 

If we do not know who we are we will,
A.  Not know and understand why we are and has been targeted for destruction for                 thousands of years.
B.  Not know and understand that we have been targeted for annihilation.
C.  Not know who it is that has targeted us for servitude.
D.  Not comprehend that we have an ancient enemy and this enemy has cohorts whom  are      persistent in the pursuit of our demise.
E.  Not know and understand that we will never cease to be a target for destruction                and extermination by our enemy.
F.   Not know and understand what doors were opened to allowed our arch enemy to freely        attack us so harshly and cruelly.
G.   Not know what we must do to close doors to repel attacks.
H.   Not know how to launch an effective offense attack that will destroy our arch enemy.


VII. Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft Corporation is another example of spiritual powers acting as puppeteer over men with power achieved through money or wealth. Bill Gates is now openly pushing for the extermination of 90% of the population. Where is Bill Gates program operating mainly and most effectively? Africa! Bill and Belinda Gates funded organizations are inoculating the "Black" Hebrew Israelite citizens residing on the Africa continent for extermination. 

Why doesn't Bill and Belinda Gates funded organizations start their inoculation programs with poor Caucasian Gentile citizens of Europe or the USA? Why not start their inoculation programs with the poor Hispanics in Mexico or other parts of South America? Because Hebrews Israelites are the main target of this heinous satanic attack of extermination, I AM's chosen Hebrew Israelite people. Satan's policy is to exterminate Hebrew Israelites before we rise to power, return back to The Promised Land  of our ancestors in Israel and destroy him and his satanically dominated Kingdoms of this World.

3. Against World Rulers of Darkness &  Spiritual Wickedness in High PlacesSatan has a hidden powerful governmental militarized structure established like none other we know of on Earth poised for our destruction and mankind in general which rule over the heavens just above us. They conduct meetings, conferences etc., specifically devoted to implement plans, techniques and ways to assault "Blacks"/Hebrews Israelites and with purposes to destroy the human race whom they hate. But, their mission is especially to extinguish the "Blacks"/Hebrew Israelite Nation of people from planet Earth.  

4. They have said, “Come, and let us cut them (Hebrew Israelites/"Blacks"/Negroes off from being a Nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.
Psalms 83:3 (NKJV)

                        This is what our God, I AM has to say about Negroes/Israel.

20 You are my Battle Ax and weapons of war: for with you I will break nations in pieces; with you I will destroy kingdoms. Jeremiah 51:20 new King James version

The word of God says that satan is the god over these world systems, Kingdoms and Governments.

If God ultimate plan is to use the Black/Hebrew Race in the near future as His Battle Ax to destroy satan's Kingdom, satan is wise to attack us now before we can get back to the Promised Land of Israel. Therein in The Promised Land will be manifested the glorious plan of I AM to bring us back into power never to be subservient to anyone again.

I repeat, our main problem is that we do not know who we are. We do not Know that we are Hebrew Israelites that fled into the heart of Africa because we were expelled from our Promised Land home of Israel. Neither do we know or comprehend that I AM is our God or His plan for us therefore we are destroyed for our lack of knowledge.

My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge: because thou have rejected knowledge, I will reject thee, that thou shall be no more priest to me: seeing thou has forgotten the law of God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6a 

When our Negro/Israelite ancestors came out of  slavery in Egypt it was I AM who delivered them. It is I AM who will deliver us again from the 400 years of slavery here in the USA. 
Love You!!!

It is our dilemma! Others may join in but, "We," are the lost sheep of the House of Israel upon whom this whole system of injustice has been implemented with the intention to keep us imprisoned and or to eventually annihilate us. If we try to include everyone we are dead in the water. We will be frustrated and left with few followers in number wondering what is wrong with our message.

There is nothing wrong with our message, it will be the METHOD that is the problem. We must discern to whom our message is sent. Those (Gentiles/Caucasians) whom I AM has chosen will follow us but we must follow instruction as Jesus/YeshaYah said,

"Do not go to the way of the Gentile/Caucasians, rather go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel/"Black"/Negro People/Hebrews.

Finally on that note, "Multiculturalism," is a trick of our Adversary to have us let down our guards again to accept the heathenistic practices of other cultures. This is how we fell over and over from the grace of I AM in the Promised Land. We were told, "Do not do as the other Nations/Cultures around you do."

Man's Futile Efforts

                                         The Objective

The objective is to get a well rounded message out via conferences, appearances and the like to bring permanent answers  and a final resolution to the age old dilemma of the so called "Black" Man whom has been specifically targeted by the demonic host of the unseen world for destruction due to Satan's fear of him as the true, chosen people of I AM, the Hebrew Israelite Nation of Negroes.

The Word says we are Warring Against:

1. Principalities

A Principality is a high ranking evil spiritual officer in the spirit world which is unseen to our natural eyes. A Principality is a Prince which rules over a territory, or jurisdiction in sovereignty, ruling or controlling a region or territory. This prince derives it position of authority from satan whom is the leader of all the kingdom of darkness. These high ranking Princes are evil spirits whom have been given authority in the spirit world whom has control over natural government leaders in every territory in the world.

In this particular case, this evil demonic Prince whom has authority over the leaders of the United States of America. His assignment is to make sure that the so called, "Black Man," never rise because he is extremely dangerous to, "The Kingdom of Darkness" which is again ruled by satan.

These Principalities are fallen angels which are demonic spirits possessing executive authority or governmental rule from satan over specific regions of the world to execute satan's evil plan, will and intent.

Note: The sad thing is that, we did not know that we were at war, neither do we currently know, recognize or comprehend that we are at war with the unseen demonic world for our very life and existence as a chosen nation of people.

2. Against Powers

Powers are High ranking demon entities whom control leaders in powerful positions of government, executing evil supernatural powers sent to operate evil and sin in a geographical area of the world over a nation, people or race. In this our particular case it is us who are the main target of the unseen satanic military and government. Other ethnic groups experience just secondary damage because they are no real threat to satan's Kingdoms and Governments of the world.

These territorial evil high ranking demons received authority from satan to control and delegate power in the spirit realm for the purpose of acting as Puppet Masters providing power to evil or corruptible persons to ruling nation in positions of authority on their behalf. This is why the Supreme Court of the United States of America decisions to not hear a discrimination case unless a person confessed that he/she is or has deliberately and/or systematically prejudge a matter.

Therefore discrimination cases are locked up intentionally by the Spiritual Powers over the natural powers that be so that we can't challenge or argue a case against a person or system. They whom are in positions of power/authority are following the will of the unseen Puppet Masters controlling them. Again, these evil fallen angels cannot be seen with the naked eye nevertheless they are there and are real working  evil through the natural men that they have placed into positions of power and authority.

Repeat! Correct Knowledge is Power!

We must know where we are going and that by Divine design.

I AM in nowise prejudice but I pray that we have realized that our message in this hour is for us, the so called, "Black," Race, the Hebrew Israelite captives not the Caucasians Gentiles. It is only amongst us shall our message excel as we desire due to the fact that the Author of our faith has planned it in such a manner.
I hear in my spiritual ear as I type this letter, We must  know to whom our message is intended." Our Master, Lord and Savior YeshaYah/Jesus Christ sent out the twelve Apostles with these instructions:

"Don't go to the Gentiles/Caucasians or the Samaritans, but only to the people/
Negroes of Israel, God's lost sheep."
Matthew 10:5-6 (NLT)

In dealing with this great matter of injustice our plan of actions for attack must be based on solid spiritual facts, not just natural ideas devised from the concept of man's academia, natural wisdom, opinion and perspective. But, they must derived from I AM's all knowing precepts, plans and His divine strategy. He and He alone is the one that ordered our captivity and He alone can and will set us free once we meet the criteria which He has laid before us. I can say this with great assurance, He is ready and able to deliver us from captivity and bring us back to The Promised Land of our ancestors.
We can talk to Caucasians/Gentiles until we are blue in the face concerning our opression but, like Pharaoh of old they are unwilling to hear or set us free because our God, I AM has hardened their hearts as well as blinded their eyes to our dilemma, because the word of God says, No Man, only He can get us out of this predicament. 
Isaiah 42:22

It is said, "Knowledge it Power."

I say, Correct Knowledge is Power!


The whole occupation of these wicked powerful demons which rule over the first heavens is to perform wicked acts to deprive Hebrew Israelites/Nehroes of a life of peace, joy, happiness and specifically communion and fellowship with I AM our God the creator of Heaven and Earth in whom image we are made. Their evil job is to work malice and mischief, to plot sins and iniquity in the human Race with a purposed desire to harm mankind or to see us suffer, experience ill will or great cruelty at the hands of those they set in positions of authority. 

We have been broadsided by the enemy without our knowing it. We have been treated cruel for centuries and it is these unseen wicked spirits whom have been plotting our demise. Their intent, is to reek havoc on us without just cause or reason that we cannot comprehend except that we are the people, I AM's chosen people appointed to take their Kingdoms from them.

They have been appointed to commit unfair act upon us that will result in great harm to us. Satan is depicted as the prince of the power of the air and he and his followers use these powers to plot evil against us.

Why are we so targeted by Satan and his demonic and human followers?

The following scriptures will give us the major reason why we are the principal target of satanic aggression toward us.

You know for yourself until integration was established here in America we did not practice all of the evil things that the gentiles/Caucasians put into practice. Our moral standards were high, now we do anything to be like them. Following the practices of other cultures is what caused our continuous suffering through the ages.

Thus says the Lord: Do not learn/practice the way of the Gentiles/Caucasians. 
                                                             Jeremiah 10:2a

Following a method to include Gentiles/Caucasians will stifle the message and weaken the spirit of the messengers.

I have no problem including other walks of faith in our message. I AM will reveal who He is and how we must walk before Him. When we submit to Him and His will, revelation of Him and His Son Jesus/YeshaYah will come. Many of us worship what we know not. I AM will reveal His word to the so called "Black Race," and let us know how He is to be worshiped. Then we shall all walk in one accord.

A Major Movement is in the Making

Be Bold, Be Strong, for  I AM our God is with Us!

                                             This is a MUST!!!

We Must know and understand that we are dealing with spiritual matters. 

We Must know that there is a unseen satanic world which have been pulling the strings of men in powerful political positions of authority which are being used as puppets to keep us in a subservient position because of who we are. 

We Must know, that there is an unseen war that has been waging for thousands of years against us, I AM's chosen people Israel, the Hebrew Israelite Nation of Negroes. 

We Must know that those of the unseen world would rather kill all "Black"/Hebrew Israelite men and be rid of us for good but they have to follow the rules rendered by a our God I AM who will not allow our arch enemy Satan to completely wipe us out.

                                                       AN OPEN DOOR

There is an open door to our prison cells before us my fellow Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters. Let us join forces with one another whom has pieces of this great puzzle to bring this long dreaded chapter of suffering of the miserable plight of our Hebrew Israelite people to a close and open a new door of opportunity in The Promised Land of Israel.

I believe we have a great calling, but a great calling is not enough. Many are called but few are chosen. To just present the problem to the public will not render a solution.

To march in public protest will not bring resolve. As has happened in the pass, those behind the scene (High ranking demonic forces with orders from satan) will just use those he has seated in places of authority in local, state and federal government positions to repackage Jim Crow, thus we will be back at square one. There is a solid answer to our dilemma that will bring this matter to an end once and for all.  Hallelu Yah!

Jim crow is everywhere, we have been disbursed throughout the four corners of the world. It's just packaged differently in diverse locations. Have you ever wondered why the Kingdoms/Governments and the people of Africa the greatest, richest continent on the face of the Earth is steeped in poverty? It is Jim Crow in a different package. (See Economic Hit Man, on You Tube)

Do you think man alone can do this? No! We are not warring against flesh and blood but against very powerful evil spirits controlling evil men and woman in high positions of authority around the World to keep us from reaching our position and place of authority in the Earth.

These people and their families whom has been satanically inspired and motivated to keep us oppressed has been and are sold out to satan for life with the hopes of ruling and reigning with satan in the afterlife. Some of these people has even been seated Presidents of the USA.

Let us go forth to destroy this scheme of our enemy and overcome these adversities by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony!

Let us continue in our individual work but, to operate as a team while gleaning from historians like Professor Tony Martin to feed a hungry generation with knowledge who can tell us who satan is using to establish systems to keep us oppressed? 

Let us accept as a team member Ministers operating under a powerful spirit of revelation with information as to why we as a people are suffering because of who we are and what is I AM's plan to break this curse we have been under for the last 2000 years?

Let us be willing to submit to chosen Government leaders whom I AM has prepared to run His Kingdom Government in the Promised Land once we are set free and once we get there? 

                                                                      Lying  Counterfeits

Other questions we may want to ask regarding our dilemma is, what person, individuals or groups, are being used to establish corporations that incarcerate our people? Who is benefiting financially from the mass incarnating of our people? I can tell you this, There are imposters masquerading as Hebrews Israelites whom are totally sold out to satan.  These evil counterfeiters has been pretending to be us (Hebrews Israelites) for hundreds even thousands of years. This wicked, satanically controlled culture of people may very well be financing the wholesale market of incarcerating our young Black/Hebrew Men and Women. Jesus call them fakes Jews whom He says are liars.  Revelations 2:9 and 3:9.

These liars provided the slave ships, the chains, the various shackles, the rum and guns for trade in the enslavement of our people during the middle passage. 

Seventy percent of Jewish households owned slaves. Pryor to then they were the main initiator of slave trade systems for hundreds of years. These same wicked people have now stolen our Promised Land in Israel as they pull off the world greatest identity theft ever perpetrated in the history of mankind by pretending to be us. If they have committed all these heinous atrocities against the Hebrew Israelite Race of Negroes why would't they be behind the mass incarcerations of true Israel in this hour. After all, Jesus/Yeshayah said they are the children of Satan.

We are the true descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites, The true Children of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel whom fled into Africa from the land of IsraelNegroes, the Promised Land over 2000 years ago. This is the reason we have been targeted for destruction by satan and the system of governments of the world which are under his control.
I ask you this, what people has been brought into captivity throughout the world on slave ships other than "Black"/Hebrew people? Who has been enslaved over and over by various cultures and countries for centuries? What people has been brought into exile in a far distant land from Israel/North East Africa? Us! 

                                   Knowing who we really are is the beginning of freedom!

                                     What's our Relationship to "I AM/God?"

Our problem is that most of us do not know who we are and what our God I AM has planned for us. "Who we are," is written in plain sight and we still do not see it. I AM has hidden this knowledge of, "Who We Are," from us for such a time as this. Look what the word of I AM says,

Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, an horror and great darkness fell upon him then He/I AM said to Abram: "Know certainly that your Negro/descendants will be strangers in the land that is not theirs, and will serve them/Caucasians, and they will afflict them/Negroes 400 years.And also the nation whom they/Negroes serve I will judge; afterward they shall come out with great substance. Genesis 15:12-14

So my Negro/people will go into exile for away because they do not know me. Those who are great and honored will starve, and the common people will die of thirst. Isaiah 5:13 (NLT)

Then the Lord will bring you/Negroes back into Egypt/Captivity/Slavery in SHIPS to a destination I promised you would never see again. In there you shall be sold unto your  enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will help you. 

Deuteronomy 28:68

                                            Our Modern Day Moses
                                    The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The overall purpose of this movement is to get us back to The Promised Land of Israel. I AM is not working to release prisoners just for the sake of setting prisoners free to eventually get entangled into another web of satan's tricks and lies. If I AM was to just set the Hebrew Israelite captives free they would just go back to their old ways doing the same thing that would land them back in prison.

Why include them (Multi Cultures) in the movement to set our people free to make it appear as if they will be instrumental in our deliverance? I AM will never approve or allow it. I AM will never work with us if  we try this.

It is I AM and He alone who wants and will get all the glory of our deliverance. When deliverance come we will owe no, other culture for their help for our deliverance. We are the Children of Israel who belongs to I AM and will always belong to I AM. He alone will get this Glory for our release!

This is why we have been suffering. Because our forefathers broke the Marriage Covenant agreement which was established between I AM and the Hebrew Israelite Nation. I AM vowed, that we would experience all the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 which we have so harshly endured. This curse  will only be broken when we humble ourselves and pray, seek I AM's face and turn from our wicked ways. Then will I AM hear from heaven and heal our land.

Greeting in the wonderful name of Jesus/YeshaYah whom have established a plan of deliverance for/Negroes/Israel us even before He laid Earth's foundation.

But His (I AM/God) own people have been robbed and plundered, enslaved, imprisoned, and trapped. They are fair game for anyone and have no one to protect them, no one to take them back home.
Isaiah 42:22

"The Spirit of I AM is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to poor Negroes that they are about to be set free. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for all Negro prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, those who have been false misinformation. To set the oppressed of the Prison Industrial Complex of America free. To proclaim that this is the year of I AM's favor upon Negroes."He has sent me to calm and mend the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to all Negro captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; He has sent me to proclaim that I AM is putting forth his hand to reunite with His Negro bride this year, and to let Negroes know that the day of vengeance of  the God of the Negroes is here to strike down Caucasians and all who oppressed Negroes; to comfort all that mourn. 
Isaiah 61  Paraphrased 


                                         Setting the Captives Free

I AM is sending forth the message that he is now preparing to set the captives free. Some has been used to sound the alarm to the world that we have a dilemma here in Amerikkk with her diabolical scheme to continue to make merchandise of God's chosen people Israel/Negroes. So now, we must act as great team to bring the symphony of music to the masses with one sound, one voice. It will be music to the ears of millions, even billions around the World. To announce, That our God is ready to show up to set Israel/Negroes free and all who love I AM with a demonstration of displayed power that modern man has never witnessed.

In reading books and articles others has written and watching video lectures concerning this subject, I am sure that during the process and or immediately after writing our books to inform the masses of the Prison Industrial Complex created to further enslave and exploit  our people that we had hoped that the hearts of Hebrew Israelites/"Black" people would be stirred for a movement to end this injustice. That the spirit and passions of individuals would be inflamed to fight the system for change, but it is much more deeper that. Our people are dead and the shepherds of Israel/Negroes are sleep or busy entertaining I AM's people. 

We have a situation where about I AM wants to take this situation to another level. He wants to show up and show His mighty power and strength over the great tyrant Amerikkk to the nations of  the world. He wants to put on a show to display his ability over this so called champion of world conquest, the ruling terrorist of the world, Amerikkk.

This Goliath has been standing before us for hundreds of years to make sure that we continue to remain imprisoned to the statuesque systems of Government ruled by Satan. Know this, All whom dare thread upon this serpent/satan's power structure must come with credentials and authority from I AM to dethrone this Beast. We must use the weapons of our warfare which I AM has given us to put an end to this subjugation.

​Do you not know? Can't you feel it? I AM sure that you sense that what we have here before us are the ingredients for a Major Movement that will propel us to a new dimension and dispensation. Our God I AM has gifted special servants with a message to shine the light on a matter that will explode into a Major Movement. This is greater than the movement of the sixties. However, like making a good Pot of Gumbo there are other critical ingredients needed, which must go into the pot to make this movement great.

For many years I have taught that our people/Negroes/Israel which are bound in prison cell across this country and around the World shall be suddenly set free. The reason Negroes/Israel would be set free is so we they would return to the land of our forefathers, The Promised Land of Israel to worship our God as he prescribed in his Holy written Word the Bible.

I am sent to inform you that we the so called, "Black Race," have been placed in a situation which no man in his natural ability can deliver us. It was not man's devices or schemes that brought us into this situation. Our dilemma is due to a broken covenant which was established over 4000 years ago between our Negro forefather Abraham of the Holy scriptures called the Bible and I AM our God the creator of Heaven and Earth..

I am assured that men has been given assignments to bring attention to the world of the plight of our people and the cruel schemes of the wicked leaders of this nation in their endeavor of keep Negroes/Israel hidden in prison houses for the sake of profit. I AM can and will used these voices to make announcements before He makes His move to end our plight of this continuous oppression. Know this for sure, I AM is come looking for a fight with our tormentors. 

I pray that we who are called to herald our plight to the world are open receive a  different yet divine perspective of this matter and it's outcome. But, even if we are not open to receive the view and message of what I AM is about to do, it is the ONLY way I AM has chosen to settle the matter, I AM's way shall prevail.

I.   The fruits of this type of evil can be seen in political leaders in positions of power whom are motivated by greed for            mammon, for material gain, bringing in or making arrangements for illegal drugs to be brought into the USA from drug        cartels based in other countries. 

II.   Gross poverty amongst a helpless targeted people. 

III.  Government officials manufacturing terrorism in the form of 911 for the pretense of war. 

IV.  Other heinous crimes against humanity such as the CIA, and various local police department bringing drugs into the           Hebrew Israelite communities then arresting "Black"/Hebrews Israelites on drug charges and or placing false drug charges     on a person of color by planting evidence on  their person.

V.   FBI infiltrating "Black"/Hebrew Israelite militant organization for the purpose of sabotage and the causing of death             amongst the targeted group leaders whom they feel are a threat to their supremacy.

VI.  Abortion is another result of evil spiritual powers working in an region to do much harm of a particular vulnerable              unsuspecting people to exterminate them. Though other races of people get caught in the trap the ambush is set                  specifically to ensnare "Blacks"/Hebrews  Israelites for extermination.