This is Our Pledge To Each Another! 

We shall endeavor to put all our differences aside, leaving no stone unturned. There will be much time to sort out all differences but that time is not now. We are all in a learning process, no one knows it all. However, we can all glean from each other's field that we may become a healthy vibrant people fit for the Master's work. I cannot overemphasize the necessity to Unity. Love your brother as yourself. If your brother offends you, love him anyway. Restore his peace as you rest in yours.


There are some that does not know YeshaYah our Messiah as we have come to know Him. We say to you that you are very welcome to join us in the knowledge that we have and share in our Master and Creator of all that is good. As we grow closer and closer in unity and brotherhood, it is our hope that the knowledge which we possess shall overshadow you and usher you into the presence of YeshaYah, that you may get to know Him as we have come to know Him.  He is an awesome Elohim!

I want to say to those who know nothing. A fresh seed is better than an old seed. If a person has been hanging around the word of God in dead religion for many years they normally do not wake up. As an old seed, they take very long to wake up. They go to meetings constantly but are still dead. A person/seed that has just heard the word or the information as to who we are and what YeshaYah is seeking to do with us as His chosen people usually catches on quickly, become excited and at least germinate to reach the next stage which is, some growth. But a dead seed does nothing but occupy space and stay in its shell.

Anyway, We welcome you as a Hebrew Israelite Brother just coming into the knowledge that we the Negros are in fact "The Infamous Children of Israel." I pray that those you meet seek to encourage you with information and with an attitude that we are all learning. None of us knows everything. I will be the first to say I AM still learning. 

Let us from this day forward and 

Forevermore Proclaim,

We Are, One Mighty, Victorious Nation under God!

I pray that we began right now to adjust our attitude. That we put on the clothing of humility and meekness for our sake as well as for the sake of those whom are just coming into the knowledge of who we are as People of  the Book. 

I pray that we treat our brothers as new born babies of the family. That they would be ever so gentile, for a precious soul is at stake. The peace of God be upon all of you as we go forth  to travel life's rugged road. This is a command from me! Grab a brother by the hand when you greet him and love him. Welcome him, treat him as you would want to be treated. He is your brother. HalleluYah!

Yah Khai!

                                        A Common Enemy

There is a people that wants our very soul. They want all Hebrew Israelites dead and they are relentless in their pursuit and mission. The evil rulers of darkness of the spirit world is their master and they foolishly honor and yield to an extremely harsh taskmaster. Because of this, these demonically inspired people will stop at nothing to kill every living Hebrew Israelite and that include you and I. Do you think we have time for division, to continue in disharmony and discord?  United We Stand, divided we fall under the submission to the will and continuous cruel desires of our enemy.

Their financial resources are unlimited, that is their strength. However Our Unity is their weakness, and eventually their ultimate demise. What are we going to do? We will Unite under the Banner of true Brotherhood and wave the flag of victory because we know in whom we serve and He is with us. Though their weapons are great, our weapons are greater.







We must shift from the position of contention and controversy between and with each other and into the mode of endurance, acceptance and tolerance for our brothers. That we all may at an appointed time move into dominance and into complete Victory in YeshaYah's Kingdom. Let His peace guide us in all we do. 

Let His desires be your desires. His hopes be your hope. His vision be your vision, therein our victory is sure and absolute. We must love not our lives even unto death. For YeshaYah is and only He is our reward.

It benefit us much to be separatist, to be far from the schemes and plots of our enemies. It cost our enemies everything to see us United as One People, One United Nation of Hebrew Israelites with One Vision speaking with One voice under the banner of Love for each other. YeshaYah our Messiah said, "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one to another."

Never again lift your hand and your voice against your fellow Hebrew Israelite Brother. YeshaYah our Messiah also said, "A New Commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; as I have also loved you."

If you see your brother with a fault, confront him. You who are spiritual seek to restore such a one in the spirit of meekness and love. Let us walk in humility with our brothers as we seek to dwell with one another in love for the cause which we embrace. That cause is, to be a people that we were chosen by YeshaYah to be, a Holy set apart Nation of people whom carries and demonstrate His Word around the World.

I AM Melek

Hebrew Israelites United is a Nation dedicated to bringing all the different factions of Hebrew Israelites together to unite as one Holy United Nation. We are a divided Nation of People! A House Divided cannot stand. The Enemy has used a Divide and Conquer strategy against us for almost 440 years and it is now time for us to put all our meager differences aside for the sake of survival as well as in preparing to take our place back on the top of society as God's chosen People walking in, Righteousness and Holiness. 

They depend on the arm of flesh, we lean on the everlasting Arm of YeshaYah our Victory, our Elohim. He created the Heavens and the Earth surely their weapons of warfare are no match against His greatness. 

We depend not on the arm of flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are mighty and not carnal. They pull down all the strongholds of the enemy. I see a route of the enemy coming on. God says, Just one of us will put a thousand of them to flight and two of us will put ten thousand to flight. The days of our defeat and submission to them is over.

These Evil People Are Well Organized,




We have a common enemy that seek to destroy us 
as a People to establish a One World Government. 
We shall Unite as one Nation to  overcome any and all adversity!


The House Of Israel Is Divided

Shalom, Shalom!

       Appeal to the Mighty Nation of Hebrew Israelites

As students of the word of Elohim let us strive to know more and more as revelation come forth from the Throne of God to us. We ask that patience is exercised of our brotherin as we seek to come into the unity of the faith, unto the knowledge of the Son of God, our Master. Let us do all we can to Unify under one umbrella of a single Brotherhood knowing full well that our survival and destiny is at stake. That being all Sects of the Hebrew Israelite Brotherhood not just those of our or your organization.

Greet all fellow Hebrew Israelites with love, kindness and compassion. We have a common enemy which has had his foot upon our neck for the past 440+ years with a mission and a commission to continually Divide and Conquer us. 

Let this day and every day be the worst day of our enemy's existence. For they have acted in unison to keep us divided and defeated. Let us now and forevermore show our enemies that those days are long gone. Let us show the enemy that his days of manipulating us to thrash our fellow brothers are over. His day of using us for the furtherance of his evil kingdom is over.

Greet your brother with a Holy kiss in the spirit of reconciliation for all that has transpired through the scheme of our enemy against us to keep us divided.

We are One, we will endeavor to Unite to do all that is in our Power, Authority and Ability to stay One United Nation of Hebrew Israelites with God and His Son Yahushua being our common bond to keep us as One.