Follow the evidence is the best advice one can render and the best route one can take for an individual that is seeking the truth. If evidence is suppressed or hidden it is very likely the person or persons suppressing or hiding evidence is guilty of lying. In seeking the truth always seek evidence.

Evidence is the guiding light to truth. Without evidence one walk in darkness and ignorance concerning a matter. Witnesses, testimony to fact is a key ingredient to seeking truth. Credible witness to fact is most important and appealing to those seeking truth. With this foundation laid let us go on to seeking truth that we may walk in the wholesome light of truth.

If one is presented with  truth to walk therein there is none to blame for negative consequences if the decision is made to walk contrary to the truth.

There is those that teach that there is no Heaven and no Hell. The scriptures is loaded with references and evidence to the contrary. A common argument is that no one has went to Heaven or Hell to come back to tell us of the fact that Heaven and Hell exist. To the contrary, there are a multitude of people that are eye witnesses to the existence of Heaven and Hell. There are people alive today that has walk the streets of Heaven and the depths of Hell.

Examine the evidence! Draw your conclusion based on evidence, not on what you think or what you may want to think. Do not come to a conclusion on what you believe or what you may have want to believe. Preconceived notions has no place when evidence is presented except when the preconceived notion is in harmony with the evidence presented.

Wisdom says, "Follow the evidence." Knowing and believing there is a Heaven and Hell can change your destiny. Many people want to go to Heaven but are not informed as to whether Heaven really exist. Most people do not want to go to Hell but they have no idea what Hell is really like and what it take to stay out of Hell. The evidence presented in this website will clearly show that Heaven and Hell truly exist. Not only will the evidence show that Heaven and Hell exist but evidence coupled with eyewitness testimony will show that the scriptures pertaining to Heaven and Hell aligns perfectly with what the eyewitnesses testify about Heaven and Hell.