Send the best high-tech weaponry and the most highly trained soldiers your stolen money can buy. I AM going to destroy all of them, you and your New World Order. 

All the corruption in governments around the World can be contributed to this extremely evil organization. Most people of the World have no idea that this hidden organization exist. In reality this evil organization is the hidden Government that dictates to all Governments of the World how Governments will be run. As the word of I AM says, satan is the god of these World government systems. Which means, satan control all Governments of the World.

We assume that independent sovereign Governments around the World are independently run but that is far from the truth. There is corruption in Governments because someone is corrupting the Governments. The Illuminati, as mentioned before is a hidden Government that wields their power and wealth over independent Governments.

How does the Illuminati wield it influence? By the sword if it cannot influence leaders of an independent Government by covert, bribe, threats or blackmail. When the Illuminati wants an independent Government  to come under its influence they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, even assassination of leaders.

These people, the fake Jews are playing their part as paddy in satan's hands to the max. Satan, in order to defraud the True Hebrew Israelite Nation whom will never bow to the New World Order has had the fake Jews to confiscate the Promised land of Israel, the land which belongs to the true Children of Israel. Satan knows that it is in his best interest to keep the True Children of Israel from returning back to Israel and repopulating the land of their forefathers, the beautiful land of Israel. Satan know that when the True Children of Israel return  back to the Promised Land they will walk in righteousness  before I AM according to what is written in the scriptures, therefore I AM will protect His chosen people at all cost from satan's evil scheme to annihilate the Children of Israel.

A sure way to know that those that are occupying the land of Israel at this moment is that there is much sin in the land. Homosexuals freely prance up and down the street of Israel with no consequences. The Government of the true Hebrew Israelites would never allow that because that is one of the vises that got the True Children of Israel expelled from the Promised land of Israel 2000 years ago.

Another  way to determine and prove that the Evil satan worshipping fake Jews that are occupying the land of Israel today are not the True Children of Israel is, there is rampant organized prostitution in the Promised Land of Israel today. There is idol worshipping still practiced in Israel, there are Masonic lodges everywhere which are satanic Secret Societies. The newly re-formed Hebrew Israelite Government will never allow such sins to take place in the Promised Land of Israel. Never will we intentionally do anything to anger our Elohim again to provoke Him to expel us from the land again and send us into slavery.

So great is the deception until the fake Jews has set up fake Hebrew celebrations called, Jewish Holidays, which are very contrary to Hebrew Israelite celebrations which our ancient Israelites forefathers were commanded to observe. The fake Jews has established fake Jewish calendars and most of all, museums to promote their fake Holocaust which depict fake descriptions of staged photos of 6 million fake Jews dying in gas chambers during WWII.


Your statements that you will establish a New World Order is a Declaration of War. You have declared War now prepare for Battle because we will never bow to your weak NOW system. Defeat us and you can have your New World Order, but first you must come through us, The Hebrew Israelites.

Put this on your agenda, say this to those in attendance at your gatherings. We are afraid of the Negros so we hide them in the prison system. Make this announcement, "One of them, (Hebrew Israelite Agent, a nobody in your sight) declares, "Open the prison cells and release my people that I may take them back to their land and prepare them for war against you."

"Let the Negros go back to the Land of Israel and fight them there." He further said, Run those fake Jews out of the land of Israel. It is no longer a secret to the World that they are not the Infamous Children of Ancient Israel but are indeed imposters perpetrating national identity theft.." The fake Jews made deal with England and America to place counterfeit Jews in the Land of Israel are the laughing stock of the World. He had challenged us. He said if you are so confident of your success let's make a wager. 

                Operation, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

You bunch of cowards, you have my military locked in prison houses. Why? Because you are just like your father satan the fagot who is scared to face his enemies straight up. Do you want to kill Hebrew Israelites? Open the prison doors and face us on the battlefield like real men. You have that power and authority from satan to tell any system of Government to release its prisoners. He ruled the Earth through you. Let the whole World see that your master satan, the Illuminati and The New World Order is not afraid of Hebrew Israelites by releasing them from your prison houses and turning them over to the Israelite Nation which I AM representative. If you do not release the Hebrew Israelites whom you set traps to incarcerate it will show the whole World that you are indeed afraid. And then, if you are afraid how can you expect to succeed at attaining World dominance or a New World Order?

Also, if  you do not release my people  from your prison cells I AM going to TAKE them from your possession BY FORCE!

Please, I know it's very hard maybe even impossible but at least try to be real men for a change you bunch of fagots. Send your military against a people that are aware of your schemes. Put Your military might against my people and let's see what the outcome will be. Or would you rather continue on your course of grabbing your sworn enemies one by one and placing them in prison cells like the cowards you are. Real men confront their enemy to settle a matter face to face in battle. You guys establish a system to hide your enemies in prison cells because you are afraid to face us on the battlefield. Cowards indeed!

                     PENALTIES FOR BREAKING


This acceptance of Declaration of War by The Hebrew Israelite Nation will be your most important discussion at your next meeting. However, I know that you are a bunch of liars just like your father Lucifer. There is nothing good in you just as there is nothing good in him.

So here is the penalty for breaking these Rules Of Engagement (ROE). For both humans and Hybrid species.

1) For humans - All evil people will die when you break the terms of this war agreement.

2) Any spirits that breaks these rules will be immediately sent to the bottomless pit in Hell.

3) For hybrids who are both demon and human let the penalty for both human and demon spirit apply.

Finally we get a Real War for World Domination instead of the fake WARS you and your Luciferian brothers has deceive Kingdoms to fight throughout the history of mankind.  I AM Excited with anticipation! 

                                ​THE WAR MACHINE

In the mean time I AM going to assemble an army amongst the true descendants of ancient Israel that will put your armies to flight. You love wars so that you can make money from the war industry. Here's your greatest challenge. We the chosen Hebrew Israelite Nation will never bow to or accept your New World Order so here is what I AM going to do. Since you think you are so powerful, prove it. Gather your armies, call your militaries together from around the Globe. Awaken them from their slumber and prepare they for the day of slaughter. You enjoy the smell of death, well I AM going to fulfill your greatest desires and give you death.

            You are to decree and let it be known to the World that:


Let the Whole World Witness that The New World Order Leaders Challenged has been accepted.

Stating, "The Nation of Hebrews Israelites proposed to meet the Armies of the NWO on the Battlefield in Israel in Seven Year from this Holy day 10/25/2012."

All and all it is truly amazing that the fake Jews whom control the Wealth of the World which they obtained by deception, deceit and outright theft has also devised a scheme to keep the World ignorant of their evil plan to take over the World by force using their favorite and greatest tactical weapon, deception. Yes we can say the Illuminati organization is the favorite offspring of the Jews, born 1776, an old baby.

The Major news agencies of the world, Fox news, News, MSNBC, MSNBC News, ABC News, Breaking News, CNN News or Google News etc.. knows about this evil scheme but do you think they will report this information? NO! Because the people who owns or control these News agencies are the same fake Jews that satan has endowed with tremendous wealth and power to establish the New World Order to take over the World.

Finally, I challenge all the major News Agencies like, Fox News, MSNBC, MSNBC News, ABC News, Breaking News, CNN News, or Google News, to prove that they are not run or controlled by the Illuminati by speaking out against this evil organization whom are following plans to eliminate by murder 90% of Earth's population.  

Fake Jews can give thanks to Judaism for spawning this evil relationship between satan and the fake Jews. Judaism was not a religion practiced by ancient Hebrew Israelites. Judaism came out of the false religious practices of the Babylonians and the study and obedience of the Talmud. Ancient Israelites obeyed the Torah not the Talmud.

                        THE ILLUMINATI

The Illuminati is the most evil, diabolical, satanically inspired and directed organization in the World. Satan has lavished self serving man and women with wealth and power to implement his evil plans to take over the World.

Satan is seeking to unite all nations together under his complete rule. Satan is using people, organizations and World Governments to put in place a systems to kill 6 billion people in a plan to depopulate the Earth. In doing this, less people is easier to be managed by those he has lavished with wealth and power to rule the One World Government he seeks to implement.

We have a most stunning situation, most of the World sleeps and slumber  oblivious to what is going on while this group of satanically inspired, very evil people are feverishly working to bring the World into complete chaos. The plans Satan has given to the Illuminati organizations is to establish a New World Order which comprise of all Nations of the World surrendering their sovereignty to unite under the umbrella of a One World Government with one evil leader, satan or a man completely sold out to sin that will represent satan.

We won't hear about this diabolical plan of satan and the illuminati to take over the World from any of the major news agencies like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, MSNBC, ABC, Breaking, or Google because the same people that are a part of the Illuminati organizations are the same people that owns or operate these News Agencies. 

Satan has lavished men and women with enormous wealth and positions of political power and influence to execute his evil scheme throughout the World.  These people are so powerful in their influence of Governments around the World that hardly anything happens in the World without their influence being somewhere in the picture.

I AM going to Destroy Satan,  
You, and your New World Order

       ​Hear This Decree!  

          The Season Of The Gentiles/Caucasians Is Ended

Let it be understood this day that your time of rule over Earth has expired, prepare for Battle! Be it known this day that the Season/Time of the Gentiles is officially over. I AM returning my people back to the land of our forefathers, the Promised Land of Israel. I decree and declare that your time has expired for you to temp, afflict, oppress, possess etc, my people!

Let it be clearly understood that your brotherin, kinsman, tribal members etc., called Jews whom are indeed occupying the Land of Israel are trespassing on private property. Therefore My property, the land of Israel must be vacated immediately. Let this note come as a formal eviction notice to the Fake called Israeli

Is this what the New World Order is all about? Yes! Who would want to join that kind of crap. Oh' I see, you are like your followers who come with a hundred fully armed soldiers to attack one Hebrew Israelite whom has no weapon, then say, "Look how mighty we are." Do you want to come face to face with your attacks so that the whole World can at least think you guys are real men instead of just a bunch of perverted homosexuals wielding wealth and power? No I don't think so, because you are a bunch of cowards just like your father satan. Bring all your armies together for the feast against my army. Since you love blood I AM going to let blood flow as water, come prepared to drink. I AM so Excited!

                         The Wager

Talk is cheap, Let a little bit of a wager come forth. All the Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Metals Gems and all other goods of value that you have stolen over millenniums, even those stored abroad. Bring it forth and place it on the table before me as part of your wager. I AM placing the life of every Hebrew Israelite on Planet Earth, the chosen people of I AM before you as my wager. Furthermore, after the battle those who enslaved my people Israel will be enslaved and those that oppressed my people will be oppressed. The loser will serve the victor. THE WINNER, TAKE ALL! All the Kingdoms of the World come under THE VICTOR'S dominance.

When you lose, satan and those fallen angels who followed him in rebellion goes into the bottomless pit for 1000 years. This is my Decree as King of the Hebrew Israelite Nation. Let us meet on the battlefield to wage WAR seven years from today. My people against your people.  Hebrew Israelites against the World.

That you would not try to renege on this wager after your defeat, the Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Metals and Gems Stones and all other goods are to be stored in the vaults andstorage in Israel under our protection once we are back in the Promised Land. This is because you are full of Lies and deceit. You cannot be trusted. Because you claim to be so great and mighty and are sure of your success. Come And Get It! ​

                            I AM going to laugh at your Calamity

Oh' what great cowards you are, you hide behind your cloaks making your threats of World takeover and dominance. It is not good for one to deceive one selves into believing such foolishness. Since you and your master Lucifer hate Hebrew Israelites to such a great degree this is your opportunity to kill us all in one swoop.

                     UNLIMITED LINE OF CREDIT

You are to release an unlimited LINE OF CREDIT to the Hebrew Israelite Nation for any and all expenses incurred in our transition back to the Promised Land of Israel. Also so that we can prepare for war against your, "New World Order." You love to finance wars on both sides, this is no different. This is to commence immediately. This is the price we are charging you to depopulate the Earth. The only problem for you is that it will be your people who will be depopulated.

This price also include back wages for the 400 years of free slave labor in the development of the Nations around the World where my people have been scattered as captives. Also for judgments against you for the hundreds of millions of wrongful death incurred upon our people.  And for the cruel and inhumane treatment of Hebrew Israelites around the World that you so wonderfully enjoyed.

Here is a little Token I want to leave with you Girls!

Let it be further understood that the counterfeits calling themselves Jews are to began Immediate withdrawal from any and all occupied territories, from my Holy Land which is given to my people Israel says I AM. Be it known that restitution of illegal Land use is to be rewarded unto the forth coming Leader of my people the Hebrew Israelites whom are coming from their land of captivity.

There is to be no possessions taken from my land except very personal items such as clothing, their worthless idols and satanically inspired written materials. Get those idiots out of our land NOW! As you noticed, there will never be peace as long as those fake Jews are occupying my land. Although it is not peace you desire, but war, which you shall have.

It is clear and understood that one of yours agents, Former President George H. W. Bush was speaking on behalf of the New World Order (NOW) said, "When we are successful, and we will be." It is understood that you have much confidence in your plans. It is necessary that the NWO display such confidence in a tangible manner. This great confidence should be placed on the table before all throughout the Universe to see, not just in words but in a tangible wager. Show the Universe your greatness. Meet my people on a level playing field you cowards!

A bunch of cowards you have displayed yourselves to be in the past. Like your weak master Lucifer, rather than facing your enemy on the battlefield you seek to eliminate enemy leaders so that the people can't organize to fight against you. Cowards! 

Do  not act as a sneaky sissy any longer which comes from behind with a hidden attack on individuals. Cowards hit a man from the blind side when he is not looking then claim victory. That is just like your master satan, he has no balls so he gets others to do his dirty work to take a person out when they are helpless. No warrior spirit in him at all!

Let this note comes as a public announcement that I AM responding to your Declaration that you will be successful in your establishment of a New World Order that shall dominate this planet called Earth forever. Who deceived you to think that you can make such claims? These statements submitted by your legal representative George Herbert Bush Constitutes a Declaration of War against Our Hebrew Israelite Sovereign Nation whom claims the same ambitions thereof.

Oh' One Other note: What's up with the one eye? And you call it, "The all seeing eye?" What in the hell can you see with one eye? Everything in nature has two eyes. Only a freak would have one eye! And you want to be a god? You're a joke! Idiot! Prepare for your demise!!!


World War III Challenge Accepted

Extra, Extra Read all about It    
Isaiah 2:10-12

                      An Offer You Can't Refuse

The Rules Of Engagement from this day forward is,

1) Call off your dogs as I AM taking this time to gather my people from the four corners of the Earth where they have been scattered during their season of captivity.

2) Remove your troops from my land as I move to restore my people back to the land of Israel. From this day forward until the great battle is ended.

3) The Continent of Africa and all lands where Hebrew Israelites predominately reside is off limits to satanic activity.

4) Remove your demons and your satanically inspired agents from Africa and these lands.

5) I AM going to take care of my own people. Remove your deadly inoculation and anti health programs from the land.

6) The only persons authorized to enter these territories must be granted special permission by the new Government of Israel.

7) My people are no longer to be a target by satan and all who follow him whether it be spirits or flesh.

8) My people are not to be harassed or targeted for any more satanically inspired attacks throug suggestions in mind, imprisonments, murder etc.

9) There is to be no attacks on the elements or environment where Hebrew Israelites reside whether it be Land, Crops, Animals,Water or Air surrounding such lands.

10) Any and all spirits possessing or oppressing my people are to cease their activity immediately and leave.

11) Hebrew Israelites will be granted Seven years to prepare for World Conquest and gather all Hebrew Israelites from the four corners of the Earth.  

12) You will no longer receive financial payments from the above mention countries from interest on  loans or any other payments from your forced investments.

13) You will cease collection of all natural or artificial resources from the above mentioned Countries.

14) You will cease collection of any fruits, vegetables meats coffees, sugars, cattle, all animals, birds, insects, reptiles etc.. from countries where Hebrew Israelites predominate and reside.

14) You are not allowed to conduct business of trade with any of the above mentioned Countries.

15) Any trade agreements sought to be made with the above mentioned countries must be approved by the King or his authorized agents of the newly returned True Nation of Israel.  

                                   ​In Summary

                     Remove the Fake Jews from My Holy Land

All of you in high places of authority knows that we are t he Infamous Hebrew Israelites, yet true to your nature you have deceived the whole World into believing that those lying Luciferians who are occupying Israel today are I AM's chosen people the Jews. They are just like you, liars and deceivers deceiving and being deceived.

1. Pull those weak imposter out of our land immediately. They claim to be so strong and intelligent, let the bring their intelligent ass back to Russia to prepare for their death.

2. Order your people not to take anything of Value from the land of Israel. You greedy bastards temporarily own everything, the fake Jews are your brothers, you take care of them once they leave.

3. As a matter of fact we will set up a security zone around the Country before all the fake Jews leave so    that nothing of value are stolen. You know as well as I do that they are all nothing but a bunch of gypsies, satan worshiping thieves pretending to follow the Torah as they embrace the Talmud.

4. LET MY PEOPLE GO out of the prison houses. Let us show you who are the real intelligent ones. Deceitfulness, lying, murder and theft does not count as intelligence. All those that do such things are cowards.

5. There is no problem of achieving this task of returning the people you hate most in the World back to their land in Israel satan has given you full authority over all his kingdoms. After all he is declared the god over these week World systems of Government he has established.

6. I AM defying your system. I AM going to bring my people the Hebrew Israelites back to the land of our   forefathers, the Promised Land of Israel. Once we are securely back in the Promised Land commence  your Depopulation Program.

7. Once we are all back in the Promised Land of Israel and seven years has expired, BRING IT!  Commence your attack since you are convinced you are so successful in everything you seek to accomplish. You will then have the bloodbath you have been waiting for. I AM promising you that there   will be a great, "Population Reduction." You want to get rid of the socalled "Black Man," who are the real Hebrew Israelites, This Is It! What a golden opportunity for you want to be girls to depopulate the   Earth. Let's show the World how great you are. You have boasted for centuries of how inferior the Niggers are and how great you are. Prove it! Talk is cheap!

8. Another thing, since your people believe that, "Black Men," are inferior to other races make sure that you do not have any, "Black Men," in your military and among your forces.

9. As a matter of fact expel all the, "Inferior Black Men," our women and our children from the countries you temporarily lord over. Because if you don't it might be said that, "The Black Man, made you lose the great battle.

10. I have a special request! Please, I beg of you, Please, please allow those fake Ass Jews to come back with your NWO militaries and try to take my land which is given to Israel. Gather all forces under your New World Order system and bring them against us and let us see who are the most powerful. Bring the house! Your people against my people. Please place the fake ass Jews on the front line that I may repay them first for trespassing on my property.

11. Let it not be said by the witnesses of the World that your coward god satan, the Illuminati and the Governing body of the New World Order was afraid to accept the challenge of the Hebrew Israelites.

12. Once we are secure in Promised Land, send the best trained men and forces you have.

13. Send the best Military Hardware you have in your arsenal, you will need it.

Preparations For The Final War For World Dominance

A Counter Challenge to Lucifer and the Illuminati heads,

the Rothschild, the Rockefeller, the Warburg, Lazard etc,.


Let it be know this month of October, the Twenty fifth day of the year Two Thousand Twelve, I King David being an ordained agent for the Kingdom of I AM have full legal rights and authority to accept such challenges. Be it further understood that I, I King David do have legal rights to make this Declaration legal and binding for the purpose and intent towards World Conquest and Domination by means of War of Nations. Furthermore I AM given that right to and do bind The Hebrew Israelite Nation to the acceptance of your challenge for World Conquest and Domination of and for this Planet Earth.