Do not be alarmed, but there are people living today that will live to be almost a thousand years old. Once we the people of Yeshayah are returned back to the Land of Israel our youth shall be restored. We shall then conquer the Kingdoms of the World and reestablish righteousness throughout the Earth. Then human life spam will increase throughout the earth.. In the days of old man lived to be almost a thousand years. As people began to sin more and more I AM shortened the life span of man. Everything shall be restored back to its original state before Yeshayah return. Again, some living today will see the return of Yeshayah return in the clouds of glory which will take place about a thousand years from now.

The bible says 

"The whole World lies under the power of the wicked one." 

1 John 5:19



​                    We/Israel/Negroes Are God's Battle Ax!

    You are my Battle Axe and Weapons of War: for with you I will break

 in pieces the Nations, and with you I will destroy Kingdoms. Jeremiah 51:20

The Bible made a mistake right there. We are about to be RAPTURED at any moment now. No, we are not. The word of I AM is true and will not lie. There is no mistakes except the ones that man make when we try to make the scriptures say something that it does not say. We are going to WAR against Nations and Kingdoms. We will conquer all Nations and take them from under the control of the evil one.

I AM/our King is preparing for war and we are preparing to run. Rise up you strong and possess the Land.

Satan/Goliath is making his threats of the takeover of the World. Well here is our threat to him and his cronies. We the people of I AM will take over the Kingdoms of this World that he has control over. It is written! Our God, I AM will send down fire from His Throne and consume the armies of the New World Order after they have accomplished his purpose and plan.


                              Again! IT IS WRITTEN! 

​Stop Worrying About Satan's Little Plans 
And Start Worrying About I AM's Plan!

Will Yeshayah come back to meet us in the clouds? Yes! After we follow His chosen leader from the root of Jessie to defeat all His enemies. Yes, After I AM use us as a battering ram to subdue Kingdoms and change nations.

         You/Negroes/Israel are my Battle Axe and Weapons of War: for with you I will

                 break in pieces the Nations, and with you I will destroy Kingdoms. 

                                                              Jeremiah 51:20

The Bible made a mistake right there! We are about to be RAPTURED any moment now. No, we are not. The word of I AM is true and will not lie. There is no mistakes except the ones that man make when we try to twist the scriptures to say something that it does not say. We are going to WAR against Nations and Kingdoms. We will conquer all Nations and take them from under the control of the evil one.

Make sure you get yourself a King whom I Am your God chooses. Choose a King from among your kinsmen; don’t take a foreigner, only a kinsmen. 

​Deuteronomy 17:15

1. And there shall come forth a rod/King out of the stem/family of Jessie and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

2. And the Spirit of God shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of I AM.

3. And shall make him of quick/great understanding in the fear of God: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of the ears: 

Isaiah 11:1-3 (KJV)

My people this scripture is not speaking of our Master Yeshayah, it is talking about the Man of Wisdom that Yeshayah has set amongst us to defeat the Beast (the New World Order). One whom has the spirit of his forefather King David. 

Just as King David my forefather prepared the Earth for the Peaceful reign of his son King Solomon (As a type and Shadow of Yeshayah's millennial reign) likewise this seed from the stem/family of Jesse must prepare the Earth for the peaceful millennial reign of our King and Messiah Yeshayah. Yeshayah is not coming back to Earth to fight. He will fight from Heaven through us but he must remain in Heaven until all thing are fulfilled. Yeshayah is coming back as The Prince Of Peace.

We'll Invest In Bull Dozers
Construction Equippment

We the Hebrew Israelites in and of ourselves can do nothing. Oh but we have a King who is God in who's name we will wage war on the New World Order. As a matter of fact I AM declared war on the New World Order Breast. Now we will go forth to execute His orders. Read Ezekiel 39, we win with no effort.

Gog and Magog is the fake Jews from communist Russia that has established the New World Order for satan. They are of the Synagogue of satan while occupying the land of Israel pretending to be Hebrews. They are Gentiles from the seed of Noah son Japheth not Shem. That is why Hitler kept them in check. They are liars and master deceivers pretending to be Jews/Israel. Rev 2:9, 3:9 

                 The Millennial Reign Of YeshaYah

The popular understanding amongst the brotherhood that were nicknamed Christians in Antioch is that Yeshayah will return to earth to reign for a thousand years while Satan is chained in the bottomless pit. This is true, but, there are events that must take place first. Well, we must remember that we are just entering the six thousand year period (sixth Day), not the seventh thousand year (Seventh Day). Why would Yeshayah come back now? A day with I AM is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day.  

     But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is

  with God as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. 

                                        2 Peters 3:8

My people, we are just entering the six day, not the seventh day. The six day is a thousand years long. Yeshayah will return to rest with the Saint on the Seventh day, not the sixth day. The sixth day is the day of man's triumph. We will conquer the whole Earth and take the Kingdoms of this World from Satan to establish righteousness throughout the whole earth during the sixth day or during the six thousandth year period. 

Yes, Yeshayah is coming back for a victorious Bride/Church/Hebrew IsraeliteNation not a defeated people. Yeshayah is coming back for a people without spot or blemish. That is not us at this moment. We the people of I AM are filthy. We have a lot of cleaning up to do. We must prove ourselves as a people. Not of Salvation, that is a free gift for those who ask. But the Saints must and will take the Kingdom from Satan proving to the World that we are the people of God. We shall go forth by the Blood of the Lamb and not care about our life and the things of this World system. 

                The New World Order Invaders Destroyed

“Son of man, prophesy against The New World Order. Say, ‘A Message of God, the Master: I’m against you, Gog, head of Meshech and Tubal. I’m going to turn you around and drag you out, drag you out of the far north and down on the mountains of Israel. Then I’ll knock your bow out of your left hand and your arrows from your right hand. On the mountains of Israel you’ll be slaughtered, you and all your troops and the people with you. I’ll serve you up as a meal to carrion birds and scavenging animals. You’ll be killed in the open field. I’ve given my word. Decree I AM, the Master.’

“I’ll set fire to The New World Order and the far-off islands, where people (The Europeans/Caucasians) are so seemingly secure. And they’ll realize that I am God. 

“I’ll reveal my holy name among my people Israel. Never again will I let my holy name I AM be dragged in the mud. Then the nations will realize that I, I AM, am The Holy in Israel. 

“It’s coming! Yes, it will happen! This is the day I’ve been telling you about. 

“Hebrew Israelites will come out of the cities of Israel and make a huge bonfire of the weapons of war, piling on shields large and small, bows and arrows, clubs and spears, a fire they’ll keep going for seven years. They won’t need to go into the woods to get fuel for the fire. There’ll be plenty of weapons to keep it going. Hebrew Israelites will strip those who stripped them. Hebrew Israelites rob those who robbed them. Decree I AM, the Master. 

“At that time I’ll set aside a burial ground for Gog in Israel at Traveler’s Rest, just east of the sea. It will obstruct the route of travelers, blocking their way, the mass grave of the armies of the New World Order and his mob the armies of the United Nations. They’ll call the place United Nations Mob. 

​​The bull dozer and excavation equipment will be needed to bury their dead. The rest of the construction equipment will be used to develop the land and build cities for the Hebrew Israelites Nation returning from Captivity.

          THIS IS THE FATE OF THE                            ILLUMiNATI
             "NEW WORLD ORDER"

We the Hebrew Israelites will not rule and reign as a Super Power after YeshaYah come back to Earth, we will rule and reign before YeshaYah come back to Planet Earth. We must and will prepare the Earth for the return of YeshaYah our Messiah. HalleluYah! 

We are being called upon in this very hour to rise to the occasion to be that Kingdom/Government that will crush all other Kingdoms that are joining together as One United evil World Government. After we are Victorious (And we will Be} we will be the New Superpower Government in the Earth. We are the last and final Superpower.  Daniel Chap 2



This Is What The Whole World Is Following! 

                             THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF THE LAMB 

One drop of the Blood of the Lamb is sufficient to wipe out the entire armies of the New World Order. When Yeshayah shed His blood on the cross of Calvary and we accepted His sacrifice we became one with Yeshayah. That means we became one with the Father also. If an enemy declares war on the Saints of Yeshayah they have declared war on Yeshayah, if Yeshayah is in the battle his Father and our Heavenly Father is in the Battle. All the host of Heaven is in the battle when we are in the battle. This is our season to shine with our King Yeshayah in command.

This is what the Headlines of the News Papers and Articles Will Read 

Headline News: Millions of the Mighty of the New World Order died in one swoop.  


News Flash: The NOW went down in Terrible Defeat Yesterday!

ANOTHER Headline: New World Order Defeated in One Day

 And they overcame him (The Beast) by the blood of t
he Lamb, and by

the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Revelations 12:11​

​​​​It must be very clear to all, that I AM/God is always in control. Satan is only a puppet in the hands of I AM and his son Yeshayah/Jesus! I AM will allow Satan and his foolish follower to have their moment of glory for one purpose only. Because man refuse to honor and worship I AM, the creator of heaven and earth and has chosen to do evil rather than good, therefore,  I AM will allow man to live a short period of time under the reign of Satan and his chosen human vessel the Anti Christ.

Satan is pure evil, there is no good in him. Yeshayah says that Satan was a liar from the beginning. As a matter of fact Yeshayah said that Satan lie because it is his nature. In other words, there is no truth in him. Whenever Satan speak, a lie will come from his mouth.  Yeshayah said, Satan is a murderer."

​John 8:44

Because most of the people on the earth has chosen to follow Satan, I AM will use Satan to depopulate the earth of all evil people. Yes, you read it correct. I AM is the one depopulating the earth of all evil people.

There is absolutely nothing for those who truly love I AM and are following his Word and instructions to worry about. I AM has provided a safe haven for his people during this time when he is pouring out his wrath on the nations of the world as he use his puppet Satan to accomplish the task.

Nothing originates with Satan! Even Depopulating the Earth originated with I AM. I AM clearly states in his word that he will make man as rare as hen's teeth in this coming hour of I AM's wrath being poured on the Nations of the world.​​

People (In positions of Authority) worshiped the dragon (Satan) because he had given authority to the beast (New World Order) and they also worshipped the beast (NOW) and asked, "Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?                                            Revelations 13:4

These fake Jews pretend that 6 million of them died in gas chambers. In 1919 they declared that 6 million of them died in Germany. How many times will six million of them die? They are liars and deceivers.  Yeshayah says they are liars, that settles it. No wonder they hate Yeshayah.

They are lying Gypsies known for following the black arts of witchcraft and satanism. They are mostly from Russia, our brothers in the Church has swallowed their lie hook, line and sinker. Ask the Holy Spirit who the Jews are my Christian Brothers.

I like you believed them also until I found out that they are lying counterfeits. They are the instruments in Satan's hands promoting the New World Order beast of Revelation. They are totally sold out to Satan and his cause. 

​                                  PREPARE FOR WAR!

    I AM says to Yeshayah, the King of Kings who died for all who would receive Him.


         Set here on my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. 

                                                  Psalms 110

Yeshayah cannot leave the portals of Heaven where He is seated next to our Heavenly Father I AM until we have place all His enemies in subjection. The misunderstanding of our fellow spiritual Israelite brothers who are called Christians is that we are waiting for the "Rapture or Catching Away" of the Saints to take place any moment but that will not happen for almost another thousand years. 

We will wipe all that is unholy and unrighteous off the face of the Earth. Every enemy of Yeshayah will be as dust under our feet because we are the bride of Yeshayah. This uncircumcised idiot is finished. Your days are numbered Lucifer, and your followers are also

The Gift of Divine Youth Is  Being Restored To Us!



Where is the Man of Wisdom? Where is the Man that I AM/our God has given the Wisdom, the Revelation, the Understanding of what we are to do in this hour? Where is He?

The whole World is about to come under the spell of the New World Order Beast. The bible says in Revelation 13:4, Who can make war against the Beast? There is only one that can make war with the New World Order and defeat it. I AM Can! 

Not only I AM going to make war against Satan, the Beast of the New World Order and the false prophets but I AM appointed to defeat them and establish a Kingdom/Government that will never end. It Is Written!!!

I AM going to defeat the New World Order because we have a Super Weapon that is greater than all the weapons in their arsenal. Our Super Weapon is more powerful than all the nuclear weapons in the World combined. Our Super Weapon is greater than HARP. He is greater than Scala Waves. We carry the presence of our Super Weapon within this body of a Temple daily. He is Emmanuel, I AM is with us! He is the great, I AM! Glory to the Most High God!

If you do not know about Him ask Pharaoh of Egypt, Our Super Weapon drown his whole army in the Red Sea. We are Victorious! We have not seen the battle with our natural eyes yet, but it is over and finished. We won! Fear NOT, I AM is with us to establish us as a Holy Negro/Israelite Nation of people.

               Choose Your Earthly General and King 


                         PREPARE FOR WAR 

Let's stop sitting around talking about what Satan and the New World Order is doing and is going to do. Choose your General and King or go down in slaughter. Choose your Leader from amongst your Israelite brotherin, the man full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding who knows what we need to do in this hour to overcome the New World Order. Let's go take the Kingdoms of this World back from under the powers of darkness. Let us boldly declare our allegiance to our Master Yeshayah our victory and fight the enemy until he is driven into the bottomless pit where he belong. Let us unite as one people, one Hebrew Israelite Nation of righteous believers with divine ability from I AM to bring us to victory in the name of Yeshayah.  Hallelu Yah! 

                                Fountain of Youth Is  

                         Righteousness and Holy Living 

People that are one hundred years old will look as if they are thirty years old. Righteousness ruling and reigning in the land will reverse the curse of sin. Remember Sarah, Abraham's wife was about 80 years old when the King of Egypt wanted her as a wife. Why? She looked like she was thirty or younger. She was beautiful, at age 80. It is the dominance of sin in the earth that cause men and women's body to deteriorate. We were built to last forever. However, the scripture says we die in one day because of sin. That is, within a thousand year period because it is as one day. 

After it's all said and done, there will be a successful One World Government but it will be a righteous Government/Kingdom under the control of our Holy Master, Lord and Savior Yeshayah our Messiah.  I AM is in complete control!

Israel/Negroes will bury the corpses in order to clean up the land. It will take them seven months. All the people will turn out to help with the burials. It will be a big day for the people when it’s all done and I’m given my due. Men will be hired full-time for the cleanup burial operation and will go through the country looking for defiling, decomposing corpses. At the end of seven months, there’ll be an all-out final search. Anyone who sees a bone will mark the place with a stick so the buriers can get it and bury it in the mass burial site, Unites Nations Mob. (A town nearby is called Mobville, or Hamonah.) That’s how they’ll clean up the land. 

“Son of man, I AM, the Master, says: Call the birds! Call the wild animals! Call out, ‘Gather and come, gather around my sacrificial meal that I’m preparing for you on the mountains of Israel. You’ll eat meat and drink blood. You’ll eat off the bodies of great heroes and drink the blood of famous princes as if they were so many rams and lambs, goats and bulls, the choicest grain-fed animals of Bashan. At the sacrificial meal I’m fixing for you, you’ll eat fat till you’re stuffed and drink blood till you’re drunk. At the table I set for you, you’ll stuff yourselves with horses and riders, heroes and fighters of every kind.’ Decree I AM, the Master. 

“I’ll put my glory on display among the nations and they’ll all see the judgment I execute, see me at work handing out judgment. From that day on, Israel/Negroes will realize that I am their God. And the nations will get the message that it was because of their sins that Israel/Negroes went into exile. They were disloyal to me and I turned away from them. I turned them over to their enemies and they were all killed. I treated them as their polluted and sin-sated lives deserved. I turned away from them, refused to look at them. 

“But now I will return Jacob/Negroes back from exile, I’ll be compassionate with all the people of Israel, and I’ll be zealous for my holy name. Eventually the memory will fade, the memory of their shame over their betrayals of me when they lived securely in their own land, safe and unafraid. Once I’ve brought them back from foreign parts, gathered them in from enemy territories, I’ll use them to demonstrate my holiness with all the nations watching. Then they’ll realize for sure that I am their God, for even though I sent them/Negroes off into exile, I will gather them back to their own land, leaving not one soul behind. After I’ve poured my Spirit on Israel/Negroes, filled them with my life, I’ll no longer turn away. I’ll look them/Negroes full in the face. Decree of I AM, the Master.” 

​Ezekiel 39

The Prophet Daniel says, "The God of Heaven will set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. Not only do we/Negroes not need to not worry about the New World Order destroying us but we are the last World Superpower. The New World Order need to worry about us/Negroes destroying it.

The Kingdoms of this World will not be given to any other people besides Negroes, we are the true Israelite Nation. Why do you think Satan and his evil rulers in government establish rules, regulations and concoct systems to keep Negroes/Israel from rising up? Satan knows who we are and he live in great fear and trembling daily with the very thought of who we are. No one will ever rule over the nations of the world again but Us/Negroes/Israel. IT IS WRITTEN!

            Our God, I AM is the only true God throughout Eternity!


​There Will Be No Battle

It Will Be A Slaughter

 While The Nations Has Invested In Weapons For Warfare 

Revelations 2:26-29 Amplified Bible

And he who overcomes (Is Victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end [doing the works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations. And he shall rule them with a scepter (rod) or iron, and break them into pieces as one breaks clay pots. His power over them shall be like that which I Myself have received from My Father. And I will give him the Morning Star.

Yeshayah has provided you/Israel/Negroes with a leader that will conquer Nations and subdue Kingdoms. This leader will lead an army of volunteer Hebrew Israelites to conquer Nations placing them in subjection to Yeshayah. Then the Glory of I AM shall fill the Earth. 

As long as Gentiles/Caucasians are ruling the World the glory of I AM will not cover the Earth. Look at the condition of the World today under their rule. You can credit the Gentiles/Caucasians for all evil that is transpiring in the earth. They are allowing Satan to use them to promote all that is evil in the World. For this reason I AM is calling for the establishment of His righteous Hebrew Israelite refined, Holy Government on Earth. Gentile/Caucasian nations are aligning themselves together as a One World Government under the leadership of a counterfeit people claiming to be Jews who worship Satan but they shall go down in defeat and Hell in one day. 

Will Yeshayah come back to meet us in the clouds? Yes! After we follow His chosen leader from the root of Jessie to defeat all His enemies. Yes, After I AM use us as a battering ram to subdue Kingdoms and change nations. 

Psalms 110, Rev 2:26-29, Romans 11:25-27 

I AM says to Yeshayah the King of Kings who died for all who would receive Him.

     Set here on my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.

​                                            Psalms 110:1

Psalms 110

1. The Father says to Yeshayah (The Messiah) Sit at my right hand, until I make Your enemies Your footstool.

2. YeshaYah will send forth from Zion the scepter of Your strength; rule, then, in the midst of your foes.

3. Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array, out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew.

This scripture in verse 2 is saying that Yeshayah (While He is still seated in Heaven next to the Father) is sending a MAN of Royal Blood and Authority from ZION, from among the House of Israel that is living on planet Earth today.

Then verse 3 says that a Holy volunteer Army of young Negro/men is coming fort to wage war on evil Empires. They will follow the chosen King of Israel from Zion which is their strength that Yeshayah sent to lead them into battle.

This man Yeshayah is sending is born from the root of Jessie/House of David). This man that Yeshayah has raised up is Israel's strength in the mist of the New World Order. Only he can defeat this Goliath. Only the seed of David can defeat the Goliath our foe. Find this man and you will defeat satan and the New World Order. Only He and his mighty men can wage war with the Beast and defeat him.





             I AM's Evil Men Depopulation Plan 

            Look what I AM has planned for evil people.

Yeshayah declare, Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

“Watch now. God’s Judgment Day comes. Cruel it is, a day of wrath and anger, A day to waste the earth and clean out all the sinners. The stars in the sky, the great parade of constellations, will be nothing but black holes. The sun will come up as a black disk, and the moon a blank nothing.

I’ll put a full stop to the evil on earth, terminate the dark acts of the wicked. I’ll gag all braggarts and boasters—not a peep anymore from them—and trip strutting tyrants, leave them flat on their faces.

Proud humanity will disappear from the earth. I’ll make mortals rarer than hens’ teeth. And yes, I’ll even make the sky shake, and the earth quake to its roots Under the wrath of God-of-the-Angel-Armies, the Judgment Day of his raging anger.

Like a hunted white-tailed deer, like lost sheep with no shepherd, People will huddle with a few of their own kind, run off to some makeshift shelter. But tough luck to stragglers—they’ll be killed on the spot, throats cut, bellies ripped open, Babies smashed on the rocks while mothers and fathers watch, Houses looted, wives raped.

Isaiah 13:9-16

  Where is your Leader of the House of David   
  To defeat the Goliath?