Islam is a religion which was started and founded approximately 1400 years ago by a man who was an orphan by the name of Muhammad. He was born about 570 CE in the Arabian City of Mecca. Muhammad says he is the Prophet/Messenger of Allah. Muhammad wrote most of the Qur'an, a book which followers of Islam deem to be the word of Allah. 

The problem we have is, to those who want to know the truth, Islam is in direct conflict with the ancient writings and teachings in the Bible which were written by the Hebrew Israelite/"Black" Patriarchs. After reading the teachings and declaration of the founder of Islam then comparing the teachings written by the followers of YeshaYah/Jesus in the Bible it is clear to see that YeshaYah/Jesus and Muhammad are making the same claims. One must ask the question, Which man is telling the truth because clearly one is lying?

If the understanding and acceptance is that when we are talking about I AM and Allah we are referring to the same person who created the Heavens and the Earth, the question is, which person is lying? For sure, one of these men is clearly lying. YeshaYah says He is the Son and Prophet/Messenger of I AM. Muhammad says he is the Prophet/Messenger of Allah. We must put aside all feelings and emotions, then decide who is telling the truth or who is lying based of history and evidence. However, as stated above, with new revelation it is clear now that Allah (the god of Islam and I AM, the creator of Heaven and earth and all that exist is two different persons.

Please remember, life's reality is not base on what we want, hope, think or dream, but, it is based on what is factual, truth and absolute. Reality is not what our parent believe, think or do, neither is it based on what we were taught, it is what is actual. This is a time in our short history when we must decide which of these two men are telling the truth and who is a liar. For sure one of these men as famous as they are, is lying.

Both YeshaYah/Jesus and Muhammad both died a physical death and was buried. Both men went to Hell and suffered torments, but only one came back from Hell. The other stayed and is still suffering in Hell's torment which was created by I AM for Satan and his followers. 

Oh Arab Nations!


When one bow or pray to Allah,  this is who you are praying to.

Jesus the Son of I AM ONLY is God and Lord

Painful Realizations

Though both men dies a physical death, was buried and went to Hell, both are still very much alive today one in the Spirit World the other still adorn flesh and bone in a glorified body. One can hear you and the other cannot. The one that is telling you the truth can still hear you. If you ask the true Prophet/Messenger to reveal himself to you He will. If you really want to know the truth, ask both men, who is telling the truth.  I declare to you that if YeshaYah/Jesus is telling the truth He will answer you and reveal himself to you. If Muhammad is real he will reveal himself to you.

The powers of darkness has been commanded not to deceive or interfere in this situation. You are extremely valuable and of great worth. That is why one of these men died and suffered the torments of Hell in your place. Now you do not have to suffer in the tormenting flames of Hell if you seek Him and place your trust in Him.

I would like to offer a suggestion and some guidelines as to how we may know for sure who is the liar and who is telling the truth. One of these men have supernatural abilities and the other does not. Hebrews Israelites/"Blacks/Negroes" has a ancient History book called the Bible full of hundreds of prophesies or predictions about YeshaYah and his people the Negro Nation of Hebrew Israelites who we have now come to know are in fact the ancestors of former slaves. This people were brought to the Americas and are scattered throughout the Nations of the World as captives . 

Muhammad wrote a book called the Qur'an. Muhammad was of Arab decent and it was Arabs who first embraced Muhammad's teachings. 

                 The Covenant

Exodus 19:5, 8
We have been under the curse and punishment of I AM for the last 2000+ years because our ancestors broke the covenant agreement which they made with I AM. I AM is calling us back to himself through YeshaYah/Jesus Christ so that he can restore his blessing on us his chosen people. We are being called Back to the land of our ancestors, The Promised Land of Israel. 

Still Enslave And

Murder Hebrew Israelites Today

Arab Nations

Hear The Word Of I AM!

You Enslaved My People
I AM Going To Enslave YOU!


                     HOLY ABOUT THE QUR'AN!

     The Qur'an is fit for nothing but the garbage can!  

The following are facts may be very painful for some to accept, however these facts are very true. The Qur'an never made any significant predictions because it is not a book which was written under the inspiration of the Spirit of I AM. The Qur'an was written under the inspiration of Satan and his demons. If a person really care about their soul they would put their emotions aside and seek the truth rather than get angry about what they are reading or assume that they have the truth.

If the study of the Qur'an has done anything for you besides made you feel good, then you should stick to it with all your heart. However, I would encourage all whom has been studying the Qur'an, whom still feel dead and empty inside to come to the God/I AM of the Hebrew Israelites Negro Nation who name is I AM, he is the Creator of the Universe through YeshaYah/Jesus our Messiah, and throw the Qur'an in the trash where it belongs. 

I will guarantee anyone, that YeshaYah will not turn you away when you come to him. If you truly seek YeshaYah and turn from your sinful life He will take your stony dead heart/Spirit dormant within you and replace it with a living tender Heart/Spirit of flesh. Life will come into you and you will never be the same. That New Spirit which will be placed inside of you will bear witness that you are now a child of I AM.

This is what the False god Allah looks like!

​​For the sake of truth you must ask yourself, which book is filled with prophecies or predictions that has come to pass? Ask yourself or someone else if you do not know, what prophecies has come to pass that Muhammad wrote in the Qur'an that has had any major impact on the followers of Islam?

Which book prophesied or predicted that our people "Blacks"/Negroes in the America's would go into slavery by transportation of ships? Which book foretold thousands of years ago of the hardship of our people and the harsh circumstances surrounding the life of our people? Which book predicted that our people would be on the bottom of society? That we Negroes would be captives throughout the Nations of the World? That others ethnic groups would lend to us and we would not lend to other ethnic groups? That fake Jews would steal our Identity and our home land, etc?

These questions are directed to Hebrew Israelites/"Black"/Negro people whose ancestors were slaves of the Trans Atlantic slave trade or Hebrew Israelite/"Black" slaves/captives throughout the Nations of the World.

Once you have truthfully answered these questions you can determine who is telling the truth. You will know by answering the above questions who is still suffering in the tormenting flames of Hell for perpetrating that great lie and causing others to live a lie and who is resigning as King of Kings.

​                  Someone Is Lying

YeshaYah/Jesus the Hebrew Israelite/"Black" Prophet said, "I AM the way, the truth and the Light, no one comes to I AM/The Father except by me."  The Bible which we bear witness to be the word of I AM/God was written about YeshaYah, the Hebrew/"Black" Messenger/Prophet. The writings of the Bible is also about "Black" Negro/People who are today called Hebrew Israelites/African Americans/The Descendants and family of former slaves.

                    Hebrew Israelites, "Black"/Negroes

                 Descendants Of Hebrew Slaves

Let us understand that our/Negroes identity was lost during the 400 year slavery process. Our "Black"/Hebrew history book called the Bible foretold that our identity would be lost and stolen. The Bible foretold that our ancestors would be run out of the Promised Land of Israel by I AM two thousand years ago because of disobedience. Many of our forefathers fled into Africa which is where they were influenced by Arab Muslims under pressure of survival to except Islam or die. Other Negroes/Israelites were captured by Arab Muslims, enslaved and or sold into slavery. But my point is, Muhammad was a Arab/White who cared nothing for Hebrews Israelites/"Black" people. That attitude still exist today by those calling themselves Arabs today. 

Now that it has been revealed that we the so called, "Black," Race who are the offspring of former slaves, are in fact the infamous Children of Israel we must recognize and accept the fact that the writings of the Bible is OUR "Black"/Negro History. We have a responsibility to align ourselves with all truth in reference to the true Children of Israel, not the Fake Jews who are pretending to be the Children of Israel or Arabs with their false religion call Islam. 

                  A Few More Things To Observe!

Also, please know and understand that Muhammad was not "Black,"/Negro or a Hebrew Israelite. We have a problem with Jesus (whose Hebrew name is YeshaYah) because Caucasians/Gentiles depict Him as White/Caucasian despite the fact that He was what we would be considered today as, "Black" nevertheless He is definitely a Hebrew Israelite. But we accept a religious message/Islam from a person that we know not be Hebrew/Black. How is this? Muhammad was a White skinned Arab! Hummmm! 

Hebrew Israelites has been disbursed throughout the Nations of the World by I AM as captives. I AM did this to our people/Negroes as a punishment because our forefathers broke the Covenant Agreement which they had with I AM. Our time of punishment is now over therefore I AM is revealing who we/Negroes really are. He is also calling us back to the Land of our ancient forefathers, The Promised Land of Israel.

You will know who cares for you so much that he went to Hell and suffered so that you would not need to go to that place of torment for rejecting him because He is the ONLY way to I AM.

Woman see Gaddafi in Hell and Speak

His Message to Followers of Islam

13 Then I AM said to him/Abraham, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there. 14 But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions.

Weren't your ancestor mistreated for the last 400 years? Yes! But look what it says after that.

14 But I will punish the NATION they serve as slaves, and
afterward they will come out with great possessions.

                                  Genesis 15:13-14

I AM is about to punish every nation that has enslaved Negroes. Not only that, we are about to receive Great possessions as we leave to go back to the land of our forefathers, the Promised Land of Israel. The Bible is OUR history book and guidance, NOT the Qur'an.

I know that I AM placing my very life at risk because some misguided person or persons operating under the powers and influence of Satan may want to kill me if it was possible for revealing the information which I AM about to declare. Know this, I AM not concerned for my life nor am I preoccupied with who may want to take my life because of what I articulate. Please understand this, I fear no man!

What I AM attentive to is bearing witness to truth. It is truth I will reveal. Truth is not based on my hopes or desires. It is not just what I assume to be truth or what I think, but it is truth based on reality which I have personally experienced therefore I can bear witness to that truth.

It does not matter how much we love someone or something in relationship to speaking truth. What matters is that the truth being told is the pure unadulterated truth. The word of I AM/God says, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." If I reveal the truth to a person they will have the opportunity to accept or reject the truth. If I withhold the truth then I AM most selfish and self serving. It means, I care nothing for the people to whom I AM withholding truth. It means I AM not concerned with their fate nor their destiny, therefore I speak the truth in love.




                   The Conclusion of Islam
              Fate of Muhammad

This is my assurance to you based on knowledge through my personal relationship with I AM. Muhammad the founder of Islam was both a false prophet and a false teacher. Islam is a satanically designed false religion established specifically to ensnare and destroy billions of souls. Muhammad the founder of Islam is in Hell burning and suffering for:

1.   Rejecting the true Hebrew/"Black" Prophet of I AM who is             YeshaYah/Jesus as
his Messiah

2.   Pretending to be a prophet/messenger of God.

3.   Establishing the False Religion call Islam.

3.   Leading Millions/Billions of people away from Jesus/YeshaYah.

4.   Leading Millions/Billions of people into Hell.

5.  Murdering and enslaving Hebrew Israelites/Negroes/"Blacks,"  I       AM's chosen people.

All who practice the religion of Islam shall suffer the same fate as Muhammad. Muhammad is suffering in the tormenting flames of Hell along with all those who died believing and trusting in Islam. I say this not out of malice but that all may know the truth. It is the truth that will set you free. It is the truth that will deliver your soul from the wrath of I AM.

​​                 Proclamation

Let it be known around the World, that I harbor no hatred for any man. Let it be specifically made known that I harbor no hatred for the followers of Islam. Quite to the contrary, it is my love for the people whom follow Islam that I AM compelled to speak the truth.

If I did not care for the followers of Islam I would remain silent and allow millions to meet their fate in the flames of Hell because therein is the destiny of those that follow the teachings of the Qur'an. I must be brutally honest in my speech because this is no game, the stakes are extremely high. I recognize in this  matter of great importance that the souls of millions, maybe billions are at risk, therefore I speak the truth in love. 

Look What Our "Black" History Book,

The Bible Predicted

About Us/Negroes/Israel

             This is what I AM is saying to Us

The answer from I AM came back: “Son of man, your brothers—I mean the whole Negro/people of Israel who are in exile with you—are the people of whom the citizens of Jerusalem are saying, ‘They’re in the far country, far from I AM. This land has been given to us to own.’

“Well, tell them this, ‘This is your Message from I AM, the Master. True, I sent you/Negroes to the far country and scattered you through other lands. All the same, I’ve provided you a temporary sanctuary in the countries where you’ve gone. I will gather you/Negroes back from those countries and lands where you’ve been scattered and give you/Negroes back the land of Israel. You’ll come back and clean house, throw out all the rotten images and obscene idols. I’ll give you/Negroes a new heart. I’ll put a new spirit in you/Negroes. I’ll cut out your stone heart and replace it with a red-blooded, firm-muscled heart. Then you’ll obey my statutes and be careful to obey my commands. You’ll be my people! I’ll be your God!

Ezekiel 11:14-18 The Message (MSG)

                 A Hebrew Israelite

What is a Hebrew Israelite? A person born of the natural seed of the patriarch's Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Bible. One cannot become a Hebrew Israelite except through blood birth. For a description of the appearance of a Hebrew Israelite just look at the so called, "African Americans." We are Hebrew Israelites. Though we are classified as "Black" we Hebrew Israelites come in many shades of color. ​

Do the research, Islam was and still is about killing and enslaving Hebrews Israelites/"Blacks,"/Negroes not enslaving White fake Jews that are really Caucasian/Gentiles. And this is the religion we/Negroes want to follow instead of our own "Black"/Negro History Book called the Bible?  This is a people (Islamic Arabs) who began enslaving our people 800 years before the fake Jews/White man made deals with them(White Islamic Arabs) to purchase our ancestors from them(White Islamic Arabs) as slaves. Arabs are the people who stole us from our place of settlement while exiled in Africa and sold our ancestors for the highest price they could acquire. Hummmmm????  Come on Maaannnn!

                   Unite As One People

Islam teaches that Allah is the one and only true God. If Allah is the name followers of Islam call I AM in Arabic this cannot be accepted by Hebrew Israelites because it has been revealed who Allah really is. 

As the Chosen people of I AM, our goal in this hour is to Unite as one People and one Mighty Nation, not to find a reason to divide. We must find ways to combat our enemy's greatest strategy which he often uses against our people, which is to "Divide and Conquer." But as revelation knowledge comes froth we must operate based on what is being revealed in this hour Allah is not God the Creator of the Heavens but is actually a false god pretending to be God Almighty.